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There's not an ounce of quit in me
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In other, potentially sickening but also adorable news: @framebridge has me + a ticket stub from the first movie @jason.cauley and I saw together in a movie theatre up on their blog today as part of their pre-#ValentinesDay series ( 75 days till we make that movie date plan official FOR LIFE. BONUS for Svetlana and Jason movie watching friend nerds: how I snuck Moonstruck and Godard and Punch Drunk Love into the mix. šŸ“· by via @framebridge.

Photos from this weekend are on You were there. šŸ“· by @clarissavillondo, for #BYThings

Everyone in our #PeaceBallDC photo set is the most beautiful person you've ever seen. Check the whole story out on, with amazing šŸ“·s by @franzmars and @ayebeblink. #BYThings #NotASwamp #FotoDC #PeaceBall

#BYThings team has been doing some amazing coverage of this week's moments in history of #WashingtonDC. Currently cannot stop staring at the #QueerDanceParty at #MikePence's house photo set by @ayebeblink and Maya Moore. Check it out on #NotASwamp

A šŸ‘‹ morning with @rose_inks

On : what great women (&men) will be wearing to march for great things this weekend. Check the whole story on the site. šŸ“·s by @nicholaskarlin. #BYThings

Do this. #NotASwamp

Xanadu remake try outs

There is no murder like a snowed-in murder

Spending the day at #natgeophotoseminar. Right now, this is Chris Johns in conversation with Anna Sale. It is ok to be jealous.

Over the past year I have been slowly but steadily working with the @thelinehotel team to curate approx 3000 pieces of art for the new hotel they have been building in Adams Morgan. The final product will include some great work by local heroes @gokateshoot, @donniegerald, @ellievanhoutte, @bethhoeckel for @society6, @hughandcrye, @rose_inks, and more (including some hand sketches by me), and some superstar sourcing by @pandaheadmorgan all beautifully framed by our friends at @Framebridge. Today, art install begins. YES! To celebrate + For a sneak peek check the feature in @cntraveler

First day down. Still not hangry (famous last words). āœŒ to go. Just #jrink it.

Oh so gorgeous #BYTHIRSHHORN #ragnarkjartansson photo set is live on now. This beauty by @clarissavillondo. #BYThings

Growing up Legetic

The quiet /// The pain

Merry Serbian Christmas / Srecan Bozic / #HristosSeRodi

The signs are EVERYWHERE

āž” Best first night of any year. #redrum

New Year's Eve EVE scene. #ItIsAlwaysAMargaritaChristmasAtHaydees

One more from #whitfieldlovell's Kin. Go. With feeling.

#StrangeFruit : A gentle reminder that #whitfieldlovell's Kin series will save your life. See it before it closes January 8th.

@xerikloften and I worked on a fun BYT Year In Numbers feature, featuring facts both real in real life and real in our hearts and minds. The whole shebang is live on now. The @brightestyoungthings team kicked so much butt this 10th anniversary year, I can't even thank them enough. So, I am posting on instagram about it. Typical. #BYThings

Bought a wedding dress. Saw some great art. Now treating myself to the potomac martini with a side of racial and sexual satire. Overall, a good day. āœŒ

Serra for the holidays

Thank you @washingtonianmag for featuring me and my 'How I knew DC was home' story alongside other life heroes such as George Pelecanos, Diane Rehm, Ashok Bajaj, Steve Case, Arch Campbell and more. #BYThings all of them. JANUARY ISSUE IS ON STANDS NOW (OR, YOU KNOW, SUBSCRIBE SINCE YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD)

Love Actually viewing = mandatory turtlenecks. šŸŽ„ šŸ¢power #AllIwantForChristmasIsEveryoneinTurtlenecks #sorryboutyourneck

#BYThings hashtag just hit 100,000 uses with this holiday gem by @tlizzyp. Even @cale_byt would approve. Love you all. #pageantwave #winning #dropdeadgorgeous

Home for the holidays

2016 by popular vote: got engaged, moved, vacationed, hung out in Christmas bars, White House and world class museums, made Illuminati jokes, celebrated love and friends, wore some decent outfits and a few other things in between (mainly worked A LOT) . 2017, bring it. Thank you to @annamcalpinemeyer, @photobyjeff, @jason.cauley and @ellievanhoutte for taking some of these

The final edition of this year's #BYTGIFTGUIDE is live and filled with holiday cheer, seasonal spirit and, most importantly murder. šŸ“· by @photobyjeff, full story on #BYThings

Want all the things in the part 3 of #BYTGIFTGUIDE today (which makes sense since I chose it all). This set we call Modern (Art) Lovers and it is all the things. Check out the whole spread with šŸ“·s by @photobyjeff on NOW. #BYThings

Big, EXTRA SHINY announce: @brightestyoungthings + @hirshhorn are partnering on a very amazing after hours #ragnarkjartansson event on January 7th. The music line up is AMAZING, the bar will be open, the art will be dazzling. Details at: See you there. šŸ“· by @photobyjeff for #BYThings

Stranger #BYThings šŸŽ„ šŸ’” šŸ’„ šŸ’« šŸŽ„ /// šŸ“· by @jason.cauley, magic by #miracleon7thstreet / @betterdrinking + @angieforsenate. Eggos for everyone, this Christmas

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