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🌴 LA Made & Based - NYC 2/9-2/16
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Happy birthday to the beautiful girl behind this photo and pretty much all of my photos, @betsnewman! I am so grateful for your friendship and talent. | #stylebythepeople

Mixing street with chic | #stylebythepeople

New post on today. Taking you inside a little bit of my home + through my day. Check it out and let me know if you want to see more posts like this from me! Link in bio ♡ | #stylebythepeople

Took over @bloglovin's Instagram today and posted my entire day on Link in bio! | #stylebythepeople

Shop my look (this top and skirt are on major sale!): #liketkit

PC: @betsnewman

Sunday morning style. Also, I'm taking over the @bloglovin Instagram today. See what I'm up to! | #stylebythepeople

I may have a slight shoe obsession | #stylebythepeople

The face you make when you still need coffee but the weather today could not be more perfect | #stylebythepeople

Left the house, did what I had to do in the rain, and now you can find me working here for the rest of the day. #notmadaboutit | #stylebythepeople

How to create dimensional outfits on today. Link in bio! | #stylebythepeople

A closer look at what happened today on #fromwhereistand | #stylebythepeople

Subtle details today on which you can also shop using this link | #stylebythepeople PC: @soulcalchels

Body is in bed, mind is at the beach 💭 | #stylebythepeople

Much needed vitamin D for this Friday! What're you up to this weekend? | #stylebythepeople

Cute cottage kitchen goals via @interiormilk 💭 | #stylebythepeople

Can't believe it's already been a year since February NYFW! Looking back at one of my favorite looks and getting excited to be there the next couple months! | #stylebythepeople

Missing this perfect view today but feels good to be back home with my regular schedule | #stylebythepeople

5 purses worth investing in today on Link in bio! | #stylebythepeople

Every year that starts like this is a good one #2017 | #stylebythepeople

It's snowing! See the magic on my insta story | #stylebythepeople

New Year, Continued You (+ an amazing jumper and coat) on www.stylebythepeople. Check it out --> link in bio | #stylebythepeople

If you're ever in Aspen and want breakfast... | #stylebythepeople

2017, I am so ready and excited for you! You already seem great. I woke up today with friends, talking to family, and in beautiful Colorado. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Grateful that I get to spend the last day of 2016 skiing with good friends and this view | #stylebythepeople

Had so much fun taking over the @bloglovin Snapchat today and am excited to now have my friends with me to bring in the New Year! See what I'm up to on my insta story tomorrow | #stylebythepeople
Shop it --> #liketkit

File Under: Cabin Goals | #stylebythepeople

Taking over @bloglovin Snapchat today and staying warm in this fuzzy coat! Get my outfit details by copying this link into your browser --> | #stylebythepeople

Bootie love at @gucci | #stylebythepeople

Does anyone else ever wear dark colors thinking they'll be cozier and warmer? I must've and was completely wrong. #freezing | #stylebythepeople

Simple, stand out items today on 📸: @soulcalchels | #stylebythepeople

One of my favorite views | #stylebythepeople

Headed somewhere cold! See where on my insta story | #stylebythepeople

New post on today! Link in bio | #stylebythepeople

Shop it: #liketkit

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