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👇 Zered Bassett New Part 🔥


Fuck yeah Daan! @FreeSkateMag European Skater of the Year 🔥🏆🔥 @skankiee
Photo @morfordmedia

🔥Afterburners🔥 available worldwide January 23rd #ridethefire

🔥 @zeredbassett 🔥 Eastern Promise live on the @berrics 🔥 photo: @rube_

@zeredbassett has a new part that just went live on the @berrics 🔥

@enwhytj in @adidasskateboarding new video "Broadway Bullet" now playing on @thrashermag 🔥

@jamie_foy welcome to @deathwishskateboards part now live on @thrashermag 🔥 Fuck yes Jamie!

🔥Fuck yeah! congrats on turning pro @ronniesandoval_nfc 🔥 video: @goonsac

🔥Pro as fuck 🔥 @ronniesandoval_nfc repost: @krooked

🔥 Completely new swirls available worldwide Jan 23rd 🔥 F4 afterburners 🔥

What would you build with $200? #BUILDPROJECTGRANTSFUND coming soon... stay tuned.

@zeredbassett fast as fuck 🔥from Eastern Promise part ll on the @berrics now. New @converse_cons part dropping Friday!

New ways to 🔥 available globally January 23rd. @bworrest Radial - 52 and 54mm

@skankiee Fully dipped 🔥 photo: @morfordmedia

Heavy boneless 🔥 @ronniesandoval_nfc 🔥photo: @morfordmedia

Click bio link to watch @luanomatriz new @nikesb part 🔥

🔥 interview and Video part 🔥 link in bio 🔥@starheadbody

@brotherhoodboardshop has your choice of sox, wax or bearings free with the purchase of any Spitfire Wheels 🔥

Far out new ways to burn coming soon 🔥 @starheadbody 📷 @morfordmedia

🔥 New ways to burn 🔥 Only in skate shops 🔥 @skankiee 📷 @morfordmedia

🔥 @shinerdist European Spitfire rider @pap1chul1to 🔥

🔥 Coming soon. Stay tuned 🔥 #BUILDPROJECTGRANTSFUND

"The togetherness drives me at the spot. I feel comfortable when I'm having a fucking blast with my friends and then we show up at a spot and we get to skate together." - @starheadbody Evan's new part and interview with John Cardiel up on spitfirewheels.com Link in bio 🔥 switch heel 🔥📸 @morfordmedia

🔥 @pawnshopskateco 🔥 fully stocked 🔥

🔥B Street skate camp 🔥Sacto future is 🔥 #ridethefire

🔥 @bworrest Switch Crooks from the @independenttrucks ad in @thrashermag 🔥 photo: @rhino

"Yeah, I'm seriously alive man. I don't think I've ever felt more alive." Evan Smith interview by John Cardiel, now live on spitfirewheels.com 🔥Link in bio🔥 @_breakfree_ @starheadbody 📷 @morfordmedia

🔥 Evan Smith Rides The Fire 🔥 link in bio 🔥 @starheadbody

Evan Smith Rides The Fire! Video now live on @thrashermag 🔥 link in bio 🔥 @starheadbody

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