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A line I've been dreaming about riding for years now! My co worker took this video from across the valley yesterday of my decent! Still buzzing from this day and how perfectly the stars aligned #goatworthy ! 📸@tyturner14

Holy crap after 4 years of being at @k3catski never have we had the chance to ski this line and today was the day! Feeling so incredibly lucky i got to be apart of this crew of shredders today! Can you spot the snowboarder?

"Hey @seb_grrrrr how big is the cliff honestly? It's only 10 just make sure you go thru the trees and get speed! It looks a lot bigger then 10 seb hahaha." Let's say it was at least 2 times that big lol. It's one way for me to hit bigger cliffs then I'm used to thanks for lying to me friend hahaha!

Easy entrance ain't so easy but damn is it ever a good run! @k3catski

Some people complain about work... I on the other hand look forward to it immensely everyday. Still doesn't get old after four years. Grateful every day to use my body and my mind and connect with nature and incredible people. Thanks @seb_grrrrr for the amazing day guiding together and pulling me out of that tree well!

A love hard to explain in words but a feeling felt so deep in your soul sometimes it aches. Feeling like time slips away to fast and I cherish the moments of him holding my hand, calling me momma and his sweet sweet toddler voice going a million miles a minute.

Poppin ollies over rollers is prob one of the funnest , simplest feelings on the planet and I can't get enough!

Goodness life is special! Feeling so alive and so greatful!

Missing my little bean so much today! Life has been such a crazy trip this past year with letting go of everything I've held into so tightly to understanding what truly matters most. Letting go of self and what you expected out of life. One thing is for sure this kid brings so much light and love into my life!

Larry shredding In the far distance in the coomb yesterday! So lucky to work these past two weeks with this incredible mountain legend ! Those were days for the books for sure! @k3catski

Not a bad way to spend a day off if you ask me at these beauties.

What happens with two midgets guides get put together. Thank goodness we are efficient little buggers! @k3catski #friendswithbenefits

This time last year @blanketglacierchalet we got to ski some big shit! #pillowtalk is probably the funnest @capowguiding trip you can ever be apart of!

Today we did a whole lotta this.... the best part of always riding with boys is that they are always throwing there bodies off of things and then encouraging me to do the same! Thanks for the day homies! @uncle_scott_ @rybo8 @joel_joel_ @mattchurchill

Somehow I get to call this "work" with these holigans! Love ripping POW laps with these snowboarding beauties! #snowboardersaretakingoverk3

There is something that happens when you share a skin track together and trust each other out in the mountains. Then to laugh, and hit pillows together I think that makes you friends for life? @n1ck.grant

She's out there. Found this on a NE aspect at 1900m in treeline in Rogers pass in isolated pockets.

The first to drop the ze pillows. They always look so small from above. Thanks again for the new goggles and the spare batteries you life safer! @sharephoto #captainprepared

Before deciding to hit the pillow line yesterday we dug a pit, feeling more confident by our results. We get to the top strap in our boards and my friend Steve asked to check all our beacons. Mine was dead, but in the parking lot they were 75%!!! We had only been out for 2 hours and there is no way that for 1. i typically don't check my beacon every time I drop in usually if it's at 75% I'm confident in it... and 2. It should never die that fast! Feeling very lucky that his intuition kicked in and he spoke up! Now I will constantly be checking if it's on thru out the day as well as always carry extra batteries! 📸 @n1ck.grant

OMG today's line was rrrriiiidiiiicuuuulous!!!!! What a crew to boot! @simon_lb1 @sharephoto @n1ck.grant

Sunshine, powder, low hazard last week and a bunch of guides all together...what kind of trouble can we get ourselves into you ask? Hahaha oh let me tell you... all the guides getting Cliffed out looking for a new zone haha! #ineededaworkoutanyways #howbigisthecliffreallytyler? #laraapartyofone

Snow obs with these mountain babes! Love learning from other empowering woman! Lots of snow in the forecast people, know before you go! #avalancheawareness #knowledgeispowder @avalanchecanada

Oh goodness it's good out there folks 90cm foot pen means tits deep on this shorty and double overhead on Timber hahaha! So lucky to live in POW land and play in such a wonderful playground yesterday with my dear friend @markabma

This man is such a beauty! @markabma You know how to live and you understand life on such a deep level. What an incredible day to connect, getting real, sharing so many laughs (there might have been a few funny sled bails), and skiing that amazing blower POW!

What a day showing my dear pal @markabma around @k3catski today! So many good laughs and even better face plants, I mean faceshots hahahahah

The @k3catski snowboard team! We're slowly taking over year after year, getting quite the montley crew!

Nothing quite like it can ever compare...

Getting our skills dialed at guides training! 📸 @fernandoenlasmontanas

Nothing really beats this...

Toboggan cliff rescue scenario! Always something to learn ! @k3catski

Learning from the best @timgmcallister! Cliff rescue scenario with the toboggan and an injured guest @k3catski

Above the clouds, no better feeling! @k3catski

The light today at work was un freaking real! Shine on you crazy diamond! #k3catski

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