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Here we go again!!! Up, up and away... 👋🏽🛫 #wheretonext ?!

Giving myself a good look in the mirror(ed table) and contemplating a 2017 hair chop....YES OR NO?! 💇🏽 : 📸 @bootswallace

15 seemed like a big number so we got a few more balloons than usual. Now imagine how we got them in and out of the car... 😳🎈 #committed 📸 @bootswallace

These boys, always transforming my look to match whatever persona I feel like having that day! 💇🏽



From L to R on today's @bioreus photoshoot-Lauren trying to talk brand deals through my selfies, Patrick trying to tame Chris's brows, Rashida spraying Patrick's hat, Chris brushing the air and Sammy trying to feed me, all while I try to capture the moment in my pore strip...HAPPY THURSDAY EVERYONE!!!

Eco monkey bars in Tulum...very hard after 2 margaritas 😬🍹

It rains a few times in LA and we're all like "I MISS THE SUN #tbt to the beach 😩" #droughtnomore ☔️

Sneaks to match the weather 💦🌧☔️

When it finally stops raining... 😎

Finally got to meet these gorgeous women IRL 🙌🏽😊 we talked about really important things like the state of the world...and our highlight 😜 @smashboxcosmetics #covershotpalette #wearealleyeingthemimosabar

My name in neon lights at our @smashboxcosmetics beauty brunch this morning was a (literal) dream come true 😭✨🌺 thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate the launch of the "7 Shades of Shay" #covershotpalette

Your passion and drive changed lives, minds, and this country. Thank you. You will be so missed #yeswedid

Last nights partner in crime. @chloebartoli 💋

ITS A WAY OF LIFE #netflixAND 📺❄️

3 out of 5 for our family portrait 👩👩👧 #PLLfarewelltour

Highlight of the evening... meeting this one! @milliebobby_brown ✨ #11

After the show it's the after party, then, after the party it's the...hotel bathtub?! 💃🏻🛀🏽👌🏽🍾

FOUND THEM!!! @lindt_chocolate went all out at tonight's #GoldenGlobes after party!!! 🍫🍾🙌🏽 #LindtGoldenGlobes #Lindtpartner 💃🏻

Got to have my chocolate fix! 🍫 Can't wait to join @lindt_chocolate tonight at the #GoldenGlobes 💃🏼 #LindtGoldenGlobes #LindtPartner

Eenie, meenie, miney.....what palette should I use for tonight's look?! ❤️💛💚💙💜#covershotpalette @smashboxcosmetics


I was going to buy a bean bag for the studio but I'm thinking this will also work... #nesting

Can someone photoshop a frozen margarita in my hand ?! 😜🍹💦

Swinging into 2017 ✨ new year = new adventures 🐒🙌🏽 @azuliktulum

Until next time Tulum ✌🏽️

Dear Mez,
I've had a lot of fun...maybe a little too much. I mean you're amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together but I'm going to need some space...It's not you, it's me. 🙋🏽🍹 #anditalsohappenstobeJanuary

Channeling my inner 💃🏽 and tip toeing my way into 2017 like... thanks to @azuliktulum for making my New Year one to remember!

You can find me in the tree house to the far left trying to eat my body weight in tacos, with a 'little' bit of 🍺😜! @azuliktulum

Getting used to this... 😜 @azuliktulum aka my happy place.

Not a bad view to wake up to on the first day of the year! #hello2017 @azuliktulum

When you wander into a magical beach party and someone captures the perfect NYE candid and then this happens!! Raise your hand if you understand my pain 🙋🏼 Luckily I now have #googlephotos free up space and will never miss a thing in 2017!! #ad #2017 👍🏻📷🎉

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