Sebastian Steudtner

Sebastian Steudtner @sebastiansurfs

It is what it is.

Stoked to have my good friend from home and UFC Fighter @jessinayari visit us at #nazare

Frozen Snowmobile #mb

Looks like fun 📷@kap.sanderson

Who is spending their weekend outdoors?#nature

#tbt good times in the water with @ericrebiere video by our crazy friend @plmiramda

Bubba Gump in action #run

Cold business

Mountain time with the professor #family

What??? 📸: Karpe North Coast

Hold on, big one behind 📷@cameronkc

#tbt learning how to drift the #gts in Sweden #amgdrivingacademy #mb

Small waves fun #sup

Definition of power 📷 @larsbaron1975 // Gettysport

Making it count #letsgo #zne

📷 @larsbaron1975 / gettysport

Time ist flying! 2016 was an incredible year and I'm looking forward to an amazing 2017. Happy new year everyone 🎉🎉

Weekend is here #takeoff

#tbt Perfect wave to warm up on 💥📷@henningnockel

The #ocean

Stoked to have signed an exclusive partnership with @sunova_surfboards working on bringing a new approach to big wave boards with shaper and inventor of FireWire @bert.burger and his incredible team #Sunova #letsgo #mb 📷 @cameronkc

Find focus

Crazy cold week and big waves ☃️ Thanks for the shot @carlosburle

#fbf to a week full of waves and carnage. Check us out the Jetski on the left side of the picture for a sense of scale!! Hope everyone is recovering fast @tommybutts @aximuniain @damienhobgood @theyounglamb 📷 @henningnockel

Crazy days with lots of action going on at #nazare this week. Everyone is going for it next level. Stoked to see @maya charging this 💣 today 👏🏼

Hanging out with the skateboarding kids of the @laureus_sport_for_good project Indigo in Cape Town, showed me how important community leaders for kids are. Good job #sportforgood for making this possible #letsgo

Congratulation to @jamie_mitcho a deserving winner of the Nazare Challenge today #letsgo

#tbt dancing with the stars 🌪feeling like that today

I've had the opportunity to spend time with kids in South Africa and see how sport affects their ability to learn, communicate and interact with each other. I feel a strong connection with the many #sportforgood projects around the world and their creators and believe they are a great contribution to making a difference in this world. Very grateful to be part of @laureus_sport_for_good

This will be the smaller waves this week #nazare 🔨🔨

New week is here, make it count #dedication 💪🏼💪🏼

Exactly two years ago on the day which is regarded as the biggest ever surfed at Nazare @tommybutts put me on this wave. Plenty good memories of that season with @andrepaddle @plmiranda @polvo32 @ericrebiere @axxlhaber @sylviomancusi #happydays #mb

Challenging day at #nazare trying my best to slow down here hahaha #letsgo 📷 @cameronkc

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