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Santa Cruz Skateboards @santacruzskateboards

Founded in 1973
Skateboarding and Art for over 40 years
Right to Exist out now!

Here's a small sampling of what @kevinbrotherbraun does for lunch 🌯 Link in bio will take you to a burrito spot here in Santa Cruz where Kevin Braun handles some questions from the people, as well as a couple tricks #SantaCruzSkateboards

@blakeular not slowing down even after being off the board for a bit 🎥 @twistthewrist #SantaCruzSkateboards

Zodiac series ♏️♍️♉️♑️ Out now! Check the entire series at

Remember this? We wanted to see what kind of #PhawtSnaps you had and in return we were going to hook you up with @blakeular's new P2 pro model 👉 Thanks for sending over those ollies @mattdubya216 @kingg.wasabi @charliedeltaromeo @skatepatrol 👊 Everybody else stay tuned for more some more giveaways from #SantaCruzSkateboards .... might even be one coming up this week 🤔

The crew spent some time at the Bronson ditch while running around in LA this weekend @twistthewrist @instapizzle @ibeborden @nick_matlin @thebigladjanski @emangrizzle1 @tomasta @thekillatapes 📍#SantaCruzSkateboards

Today 1/14 at 11 am PST the SC pros are going to be setting up some goods that aren't even out yet 👉 LIVE on our Instagram story #SantaCruzSkateboards

Tomorrow 1/14 the SC Pros will be setting up some of the 2017 boards, join them live on our insta story at 11 am PST 📱 #SantaCruzSkateboards

Killer lookin setup @pinstripepeej threw together 👊 #RobRoskopp #SCSleds

IPhone angle 📱 @dylanthedr Feeble Tre flip from his #RightToExist part | Link in bio to check the video on ITunes 🖥 Film: @inspectrum_andy #SantaCruzSkateboards

Because we are celebrating a birthday today @thekillatapes whipped us up something special 👉 HEAVY clip from @tomasta's #RightToExist part 💪 Seen the video yet? Hit the link in bio to check out the trailer and get some more info #SantaCruzSkateboards

Wishing @tomasta a killer BDay today! 🍾🍻🎉 FS Flip just outside Visalia 📸 @instapizzle #SantaCruzSkateboards

Swiss Bro @martinfabio came through HQ yesterday and took a spin through the @nhsskatemuseum 🇨🇭 There might have been a little skating in between 🎥 #SantaCruzSkateboards | @santacruzskateboardseu @independenttruckcoeurope

@dylanthedr 👉 Fakie 5-0 Big Flip sequence from his @transworldskate check out 📸 @instapizzle #SantaCruzSkateboards

While a bunch of guys were down at Tampa for the #TampaAm they made a pit stop to shut down Lakeland 👉 @8ballr @dylanthedr @kevinbrotherbraun @riley__vaughn @jeremeknibbs @jake_wooten 🎥 @nick_matlin @nateilardi #SantaCruzSkateboards

@mikeycurtis831 flippin' out in SF 📍 Kickflip | Frontside Flip from his #RightToExist part 🎥 @thekillatapes #SantaCruzSkateboards

Josh Borden (@ibeborden) raw and uncut line at the Maitland banks from his #RightToExist part 🔥 Film: @thekillatapes #SantaCruzSkateboards

Congrats to the good homie and flat bar guru @aaronscollier for putting in work all year to snag him an @slstrickoftheyear award 🏆#SantaCruzSkateboards

@ibeborden Pro P2 deck from the Zodiac Series ♉️ 8.5in x 32.2in | Out now #SantaCruzSkateboards

@kevinbrotherbraun looks like he's enjoying a perfect Arizona winter. Take notes kids this is how to do proper switch heels. 📹 @shaqs0n

Here we have @twistthewrist with a nice FS Ollie over at @omarhassansk8 bowl riding his new #p2 Zodiac pro model available at your local skateshop or get one online at @nhsfunfactory 📸 by @rhino

Peep game 👉 Santa Cruz takes over the Midwest | @berrics 🎥 @timcisilino #SantaCruzSkateboards

The boys took over the Midwest 👉 head over to the @berrics now to see how the classic dot does in the middle of America 🎥 @timcisilino #SantaCruzSkateboards

Happy Friday, want to know what we will be talking about all day? 🤔 #SantaCruzSkateboards Midwest tour is LIVE on the @Berrics 📲 Link in bio | @ericdressen Pole Jam 📸 @instapizzle

@furtivoskateboarding out in Spain is hyped on one of our favorite pros... guess who 🤔 #SantaCruzSkateboards

@tomasta not only braving the cold with some long sleeves and the Classic dot 🔴 but also learning some new thangs 🎥 @johntuck #SantaCruzSkateboards | @rictawheels @mobgrip

@emangrizzle1 Pro P2 deck from the Zodiac Series ♏️ 8.25in x 31.8in | Out now #SantaCruzSkateboards

@twistthewrist @ibeborden & @8ballr hit the pool 🌊 Wait till you see that doubles action 🎥 @rhino #SantaCruzSkateboards

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