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@american_goure_story and @jasonsalillas 🍾 These dudes are my favorite skaters! Go check their parts and all the other great ones in the new @welcomeskateboards video - link in bio

My part from Fetish is up - link in my bio 🌍 Thank you to my guy @matthewjblevins + @welcomeskateboards @thrashermag

New pod over at @thebuntlive rambling about college, Fetish, @skateafterschool and the mid-90's Flyers 🏒 link in bio to buy vid or get one at a shop.

@american_goure_story does not disappoint 💪

<3 @welcomeskateboards full length 'Fetish' January 13th 🤡

Not nearly as good as The Muppet Christmas Carol

"That luminous part of you that exists beyond personality — your soul, if you will — is as bright and shining as any that has ever been"

footnotes @theorydoor

For those feeling the darkness today, please think twice before conceding defeat - there are people in this country who need your voice and support now more than ever. At this moment, I feel tremendous gratitude for our volunteers, our board of directors, Tim, Bobby and the ever-inspiring community that supports @skateafterschool. But above all, I am thankful for the children we work with, who more wholly represent the America I believe in and aspire to live in. Note this feeling - use it to do something positive in your community.

B-slide photo by @priceyhot for the new @ccs_skate catalog thank y'all 🎏🎏🎏

The key to it all 🌟 @skateafterschool

Edited some breadcrumbs of @jasonsalillas from the @welcomeskateboards video 📡 link in bio

love & tenderness

Peace be upon you

@johndilo nice new @altamont edit in bio

Alejandro just doin' Alejandro 🙃 @skateafterschool

I wanna be like mike @kruxtrucks

@ccs_skate is donating 25% of proceeds to @skateafterschool and 3 other non-profits 😊 in bio @duhrealdrakejones #pepemartinez

Breadcrumb lives!

@isaactaylorl is just one reason to love @skateafterschool.

Little interview about @skateafterschool with @ccs_skate + new youtube edit 🔦 in my bio

Marrakesh-Casablanca-Rabat ✍ @dime_h


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