Sally πŸ‘–'s Berman

Sally πŸ‘–'s Berman @runred

Photo Director / Producer / Ocean Lover

The upside of being sick on the weekend #kimchi #ginger #love #snowday #runredmansion

First swim of the new year with @lareysa @chrisooya πŸŽ₯: @kikismiles81 #oceanlovers #polarplunge

Not a bad view for the last few hours of 2016 #oceanview

The North East really is beautiful. Even when it requires falling on your ass several times to hike down to this lovely, but frozen oasis. Thanks @dontbeawimp ! #icyasfuck #wortheveryfall

πŸ’” RIP George Michael. One of my all time favorite videos and artists to do a little improv dancing to. #Freedom

RIP dahling #szasza #99years

We ain't in NYC #7degrees #wwllt

β€œI remember the day I met the Prince Street Girls, the name I gave a group of young Italian girls who hung out on the nearby corner almost every day. This is Dee and Lisa posing for me – or maybe for themselves. They were great friends, born the same month, they just β€˜clicked.’ Growing up in Little Italy, they were always together, at school and on the street – and onwards. A friendship that’s now spanned 50 years.

Back then, I was the stranger who did not belong, but these girls would see me coming and yell, β€˜Take a picture! Take a picture!’ For years, I was their secret friend, and my loft became a kind of hideaway when they dared to leave that corner, which their parents had forbidden.

It was important for me to keep on photographing them as they grew up, especially when I came back from abroad where I had been photographing wars. Looking at these pictures now reminds me of how difficult it was to integrate my two lives- family and friends at home, and my life as a photographer on the road. It was often a painful separation, though not one I regret having chosen.” β€”Susan Meiselas #photography #susanmeiselas #runredmansion #giftstomyself #pinkwall

Finally got to see William Eggleston's new exhibition The Democratic Forest. Always such a pleasure to see his work large and framed on a wall. I highly recommend you check it out. On view until Dec.17th.

Excellent work @anthonycotsifas and @amyhenryamyhenry πŸ°βœ‚οΈ #runredmansion

Even on the gloomiest of days it shines. #lakemichigan #waterislife

Mesmerizing show at the Brooklyn Museum last night. Marilyn Minter, Orange Crush. #prettydirty #marilynminter

Helado Negro! Thanks @phoneboner #tinselpeople

Working to get that πŸ’΅ shot! Thanks @samkaplanphoto @sarah_marie_guido #wwllt #moneymaker

Rise and shine! I'm here doing AM portfolio reviews #photoplusexpo

Yes please! Thanks Scoffier-Rocha for the backyard eggs and @katchkiefarm for my CSA veggies. Makes for a super cozy Sunday breakfast at #runredmansion

Humans 😬 #whatweeat

Who knew there could be so many photographs of people with their teddy bears?! 3000 are on view at @newmuseum until Sept 25th- part of The Keeper exhibition. 🐻🐻🐻 #YdessaHendeles #familyalbum

Adventures in babysitting #naptime #snowbeach #granolabars

πŸ•πŸ•πŸ‘― #pizzapizza #deliveryservice

I'm rooting for you @alliseeisgold ! Jordan Burroughs competing in men's freestyle wrestling today. @usawrestling πŸ“·: #peterhapak #olympics #bodies #jordanburroughs #cantstopwontstop

Miles Chamley-Watson, another US Olympian that crushes it! πŸ“·: #PeterHapak #olympics #newyorkolympian #cantstopwontstop #bodies #abs

Couldn't be happier with our American Olympians shoot by #PeterHapak . Check out our outtakes slideshow in the link below my bio. Congrats to @ryanlochte and the entire @usaswimming ! #olympics #bodies #lats

There's nothing like a morning dip on an empty beach πŸ›ŽπŸ›Ž #everydayisabeachday

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