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Tag your friend who looks better on the internet

Would you??? (@muchachachado thanks for my birthday shirt 🐱)

Each hand slam is more intense. Leave this man ALONE!

This girl is going places


When it's free donut day at @dunkindonuts and you really want another one


It's genius

Eyebrows on mf fleeeeeeek

That cat tho (@masipopal)

Never seen art this real

What a special man #youngryangosling

Aw hell yea is major scritch zone // @catsaresuchdicks

Omg puppers makin a snow bean

Relationship goals 💕🙌🏻

Or realizing you're turning 31 on Saturday and looking at all the things falling down


When your uber driver is kinda hot 🔥

Be careful Mathew with one t

I'll take all of them

So @pitusa.co clothing is made in Peru so the babies are named Machu and Picchu. How fkin cute is that and how cute is my life right now 🙀

I am a goddess

Why do we do edibles? Why do we torture ourselves?

New @pitusa.co babies. Watching them at night for a bit. Give us some fun names 😻 I'm sorry about my breasts

Current mood // @pamukthekitty

Me walking to get my morning snack // @yochigin

I love everything about this

I don't even eat steak but I might reconsider if this magical salt man asked me to @nusr_et

Me after any snack 🤢 My snack of the week: Haribo Sour S'Ghetti

Whenever I eat a salad for lunch, I treat myself to a pizza dinner for being so healthy and pure.

When your resolution is to eat better 😊😊😊 @lilyandlunz #crunch (watch the whole thing)

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