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Makers of all-natural nut butter. Founded by Pip. Our first cookbook is available to buy now!


Our squirrels new favourite nesting spot are the shelves of @oliverbonas 🌰🐿#naturalnuttiness #itsthenuts

Squirrelling some nut butter away for later. #naturalnuttiness 🐿🌰

Get creative in the kitchen with our new book: The Nut Butter Cookbook. Pick up your copy from Amazon or Waterstones #naturalnuttiness 🐿

Flippin' amazing coco-nutty banana pancakes. Breakfast sorted βœ”οΈ Recipe link in bio ☝️. This and all sorts of other nutty recipes can be found in our brand new Pip & Nut Cookbook that's out now and available to buy on Amazon.
#naturalnuttiness #itsthenuts

We're doing an insta-takeover of @selfridgesfood today! Head on over to see what the Pip & Nut squirrels are getting up to in the Foodhall. 🌰🐿 #naturalnuttiness

Peekaboo! Breakfast is served 🌰🐿#naturalnuttiness

All star lineup @theofficialselfridges 🌰🐿 #naturalnuttiness

Toast's up. Come and grab a slice or two at our @theofficialselfridges Nut Butter Toast Bar. Serving everyday till 12.30pm. 🌰#naturalnuttiness

Tasty breakfast or tea time treat, you can't go wrong with this combo πŸ‘Œ On the menu at our pop-up Toast Bar in the @selfridgesfood hall #naturalnuttiness

Perfect palette πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. Behind the scenes of our animation shoot with @monday___club @rachel_vere #naturalnuttiness

Almond butter with strawberries marinated in lemon, honey & vanilla on fresh sourdough toast. One of our favourites from our new book & on the menu at our pop-up Toast Bar in @theofficialselfridges Foodhall. #naturalnuttiness 🐿

WOW! We've hit 50k followers! Huge thanks for your support over the past 2 years from all the squirrels at Pip & Nut 🌰🐿 #naturalnuttiness

Excited to announce the launch of the Pip & Nut toast bar in @theofficialselfridges today! We'll be serving up four toast recipes from our cookbook for you all to try. Open everyday from 7.30am-12.30pm for the next month. Come on by and say hello! 🌰🐿 #naturalnuttiness #itsthenuts

Breakfast goals with these 'Bakewell tart' waffles made with almond butter and cherries. You can find this and other tasty brunch recipes in our cookbook that's out now. The link to order the book is in our bio. #naturalnuttiness #itsthenuts

Cracking (pun definitely intended) into this today...🌰🐿 #itsthenuts #naturalnuttiness

Nut butter buffet #naturalnuttiness 🐿

IT'S THE NUTS! From almond to cashew to pistachio; they're a great source of protein, healthy fats and all make amazing nut butters! 🌰Find out how to make your own in our cookbook that's out now! #naturalnuttiness #itsthenuts

What's for dinner? 🍴
Our first book 'The Nut Butter Cookbook' is out now! Link in bio ☝️ Happy cooking 🐿 #naturalnuttiness #ItsTheNuts

Excited to announce that The Pip & Nut Cookbook is finally here! Over 70 recipes from DIY nut butter to tasty tea time bakes, it's the go to guide on all things nut butter. To get your paws on our book simply leap to the link in our bio or find it in your local @waterstones. Happy cooking! #itsthenuts #naturalnuttiness

Keeping it cosy this New Year's Day. 🐿#naturalnuttiness

Keeping it simple this morning with a nutty bowl of oats. 🌰🐿#naturalnuttiness

It's the nut before Christmas! Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Pip & Nut πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸΏπŸŽ„#naturalnuttiness

Wrapping up 2016 🐿#naturalnuttiness

Who's hoping that some Pip & Nut will be found hiding under your Christmas tree? 🐿 #naturalnuttiness

Spot the squirrels #naturalnuttiness

Afternoon snack time sorted 🐿 #naturalnuttiness

One week to go till Christmas! Squirrels are feeling festive πŸΏπŸ’« #naturalnuttiness

Less than 2 weeks until you can get your paws on our first book. Pre-order your copy now (link in bio☝️) #naturalnuttiness 🐿🐿

Saturday morning treat time! Try adding cashew butter into your porridge whilst it's cooking to make an extra nutty bowl! 🐿#naturalnuttiness

Our favourite breakfast combo is @mojudrinks #stupidlyhealthy coldpress juices. Perfectly washes down some nut butter on toast. 🐿 #naturalnuttiness

Props on set today πŸ΄πŸ“Ή #naturalnuttiness

Shout out to our Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter. For those of you who have yet to try, give it a whirl!It's naturally sweet from the honey and has a warming hint of cinnamon, making it the perfect Winter comfort food. #naturalnuttiness

These frosty mornings call for one thing. Nut butter topped porrridge!! Who else is having a bowl this morning? ❄️#naturalnuttiness

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