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Salted turtle energy bites! These are without a doubt a new favorite. If you need a recipe idea to curb your chocolate cravings then try this. Yum! Recipe link is in my profile. #foodprep #makeaheadmeals #healthyfood #healthysnacks

This banana chocolate energy bite recipe is super easy to make and soooo tasty. If you need a healthy grab and go snack then make these asap. I put the recipe link in my profile. #makeaheadmeals #healthysnack

I had a dream about this pizza pasta bake over the weekend and today I whipped it together. I used whole wheat @delallofoods shells (our favorite), chicken sausage, mushrooms, onions, turkey pepperoni, and banana pepper rings. I stirred in a creamy cheesy pizza sauce.This turned out aaaammmmazing! Will get the recipe up on my blog by Friday. Lightened up comfort food at its best.

Do you need a new healthy banana bread recipe? This is my go-to recipe and I can't believe it's taken me this long to share it because I make it quite often. I used @kingarthurflour white whole wheat flour to give it a nutritious boost and @fage Greek yogurt to keep it tender and delicious. Oh and did I mention it's a one bowl recipe. The link to this recipe is in my profile.

Healthy linguine with Red Clam sauce is a delicious comfort food recipe to put on the weekend menu. Made with @mutti_pomodoro tomatoes! Yum!

Hi it's the little angel emma!!! @ejk0126 and the slightly less angelic @dancingaubs1 haha just kidding #daughterhackedoys #angels #daughtergoals #youwishyouwereme

These quinoa and chicken sausage stuffed peppers are delicious! Bonus is they can be made ahead of time and keep great in the fridge or freezer. The link for this recipe is in my profile. #makeaheadmeals #mealprep #quinoa #weightlossfood

This new Greek Egg Muffin Bake recipe made in a muffin pan will very easily be a new favorite make-ahead breakfast recipe. Super tasty with feta, spinach, and @tuttorossotomatoes petite diced tomatoes! Yum yum yum ๐Ÿ‘… ๐Ÿ‘…
Here is the recipe http://www.organizeyourselfskinny.com/2016/11/17/healthy-greek-egg-bake-made-in-a-muffin-pan/

This Slow cooker buffalo chicken chili is perfect for a football Sunday! It feeds a crowd and also freezes great so portion out and freeze any leftovers. This recipe will be up on my blog this week. I used @tuttorossotomatoes and what difference it made in the final recipe. Yum!! #slowcooker #crockpot #makeaheadmeals #mealprep

A huge batch of broccoli cheddar soup is made for lunches this week. I'm sure I'll be freezing some too. #makeaheadmeals #mealprep recipe will be on my blog shortly

Trying to get good pictures on a cloudy rainy day. #foodbloggerproblems

I'm beyond impressed with @tuttorossotomatoes! I can't wait to start cooking up some new recipes. Let's start with diced canned tomatoes. What are some recipe ideas? My brain keeps going to a Mexican inspired egg bake. Yum!

What a great experience getting to see where @tuttorossotomatoes come from. Such an amazing caring family behind this brand. #tuttorossotour

Getting a look at @tuttorossotomatoes compared to the competition. Looking good! #tuttorossotour

Starting the #tuttorossotour with a delicious breakfast! Can't wait to learn all about tomatoes today! But first coffee.

What better way to spend a Tuesday than with new blogger friends at a food photographer workshop! #tuttorossotour

Omg check out this cheese platter!'

Who knew zucchini could make such ooey gooey chocolate brownies!!! OMG yum! I put the recipe link in my bio!

Blueberry banana overnight oats. Mmmmmm. This new recipe will be up on my blog soon! #makeaheadmeals #mealprep #mealprepsunday #foodprep

Almond joy overnight oats anyone? I'm doing some recipe testing and this one is goooood!

Turkey meatloaf with zucchini and feta. Yup! Super yum! Recipe will be up on Wednesday.

I made these barbecue bacon cheddar turkey burgers for @jimmydean bacon last week! Delish!!!! The recipe is in my bio. #ad

I love this no mayo chicken salad recipe made with avocado and Greek yogurt. I don't even miss the mayo! I made a batch on Tuesday and have been eating it all week. The recipe link is in my profile. #makeaheadmeals #foodporn #foodprep

My first smoothie bowl! I blended together 1 frozen banana, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, 2 teaspoons chia seeds, a handful or ice cubes, and 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk! Then I topped with dark chocolate , peanuts, and 1/2 a banana. This is the perfect after run meal! #smoothiebowl

Sweet and spicy Asian grilled chicken. Yum!!!! Recipe will be up this week!

Jalapeรฑo popper turkey burgers! Oh boy! Recipe testing is gooood today!

Just made a batch of my banana and chocolate chip baked oatmeal cups. Sweetened with maple syrup, bananas, and of course a touch of chocolate chips. The recipe link is in my bio. #healthyrecipes #makeaheadmeals #bakedoatmeal

This Asian Pasta salad recipe is amazing and the perfect start to summer pasta recipe season. I was asked to try out this recipe using @hellmannsmayonnaise Hellmann's Carefully Crafted Dressing & Sandwich Spread. I absolutely love it. I almost can't stop eating which could be a problem ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ It's creamy and blended perfectly with all the other ingredients. It's a great egg-free mayo alternative. I have the recipe in my bio link. If you try it let me know what you think. #healthiersideofmayo

Totally random but I need some decorating advice. I'm like a wanna be home decorator. I want my house to look simple and styled but I actually have no clue. Anyway I could use some advice or tips on decorating this window. I'm assuming long curtains or drapes would not be good because of my couch. So what would you do? Thanks!!!

Another one pot recipe I made today was this delicious creamy sausage and mushroom pasta. You really can't go wrong with smoked sausage IMO. I lightened up the cream sauce by using a combo of chicken broth and unsweetened coconut milk. As always I used @delallofoods whole wheat shells for an added fiber boost. Yum yum yum! This recipe will be on my blog next week. #makeaheadmeals #onepotpasta #healthyrecipes

Creamy chicken bacon ranch pasta! Omg this is awesome. One pot meal and can be made ahead of time. I used @simplyorganicfoods ranch seasoning packet on the chicken. Crisped up some bacon and stirred it into a lightened up sauce made with chicken broth, unsweetened coconut milk, sharp cheddar, and a little bit of cream cheese. I used @delallofoods whole wheat shells for the pasta. This is my absolute favorite pasta. Taste delicious and works perfectly in creamy sauces. Complete recipe will be up on my blog this week. #makeaheadmeals #mealprep #comfortfood #healthyrecipes

I just spent the last 4 hours prepping freezer kits! I worked on the basics. I prepared 4 pizza kits, 4 taco kits, 2 mb sub kits, 1 buffalo chicken quesadilla kit, 8 smoothie kits, 2 Mac and cheese in a bag. Tomorrow I'm going to work on some skillet kits. I'll go over this more in my meal plan post tonight on my blog. Look for it later.

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