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NEW @DEATHWISHSKATEBOARDS GOODS OUT NOW!!!! GO CHECK EM OUT 🔥🔥🔥(link in deathwishskateboards bio)

@bakerboysdist with these rippers @shredmasterkeith @joemilazzo got a new one, bs tail, heelflip to straight!😍 thanks for filming @_nickhanson @deathwishskateboards #skateboarding #fun #goodtimes

I owe a lot of my skateboarding and health to this place @bdxsportsmed they have helped me through most of my injuries and kept me motivated, strong and on it!!!! I truly back these guys 💯percent! They are the TRUTH!!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! YOU GUYS RULE!!!! MANY YEARS TO COME!!! @dreddie_bdx @royce_vinsanity @rockthemicah 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯 #SKATEFOREVER #NEXTLEVELREHAB #BIGBODYSITTINONCHROME

Having some fun in the streets with the bros the other day!!!! @deathwishskateboards @jamie_foy @smokeeyes @erikellington @shredmasterkeith @joemilazzo 📽: jbone

So hyped on this graphic!!!!! 😍😍😍 This is my newest creation!!! I call it "SPEW" for @DEATHWISHSKATEBOARDS this is my favorite graphic I designed so far!!! Straight out of my mind, I chose colors that are warm and pop!!!! Keeping you feeling extra good the whole time you are skating this board!!! The colors kind of remind me of Skittles!😍😍😍 limited supplies of this bad girl! Get there while you can!!!! Skate the shit out of it and love it!!!! I made it for all of us!!!! Name and logo on the top of the board!!!👍🏾💯🔥

😍😍😍 beautiful. (See story for details) 📸: @littlesparkjess #searedtuna

So much good shit coming this year from @c1rca so hyped and grateful to be apart of such a rad company!!!!! #blessit #skatebaordingisthebest

New one for me today! Nollie bs flip down the steps!!!😍 this is was a fun one!!! 📹: jbone #skateboardingisfun

😭😭😭HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Skating downtown is the BEST!!!!! Especially on a holiday!!!! @andrewreynolds @bigbizliz @goatmoufgumbo 📹: jbone @deathwishskateboards @bakerskateboards @shakejunt 💯🔥

New year! Time to re-up on all your wellness and health needs! I truly live by this brand!!! @rawrsuperfoods #organic goodness, great products! The fuckin truth!!! Owned by people like us trying to make a difference, skaters, bikers, just normal folk spreading the love!!!! You gotta try it it's amazing!!!! #health #wealth #gains

Bs tail, heelflip/ Bs tail, kickflip.
I never understood flip outs, I spent countless hours attempting to learn different variations of flip out tricks, I came close almost every time, but ended up failing in the end. I wondered "why can't I figure it out?" The technique seemed so straight forward and obvious, yet I couldn't get it to work. Which brings us to last week, I was struggling on a bs tail heelflip, and didnt get it, later on that day I was reviewing the footage in slow motion and noticed my foot had nothing to catch on when I flicked the heelflip out, because my personal board shape is a 8.475, extremely flat board, which I love, but every time I flicked I missed the nose or only got half a flip! So I decided to set up a smaller 8.25 extremely steep and concaved board with smaller 147 trucks and try it again! Sure enough, that was the ticket! I ended up landing the bs tail heel in no time! Then I figured I'd try to kickflip out to switch things up a little bit and a few try's later got my first one ever!!! So hyped! Moral of the story is, there's a science to everything, just got to be patient and try all options out, and never give up! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! #skateforever @deathwishskateboards @c1rca @satorimovement @thundertrucks @loudheadphones @stancesocks @shakejunt @deathlens filmed by: jaybone

360 flip and switch 360 flip from yesterday!👍🏾

Made these with @littlesparkscookies last night for @bdxsportsmed to thank them for always keeping me in shape and fit for life! Thanks for all the hard work!!!! You guys kill it!!!💯#skateforever 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

NEW TRICK!!!!! Fs Shuv to disaster!!! By the grace of our good lord!!!!😅😅😅 📹: @aleks_lewandowski

Euphoria... 😀 📹: @doitswitch

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! I don't do this one to often, gotta bring em back! It's a great feeling trick!🔥💯 @deathwishskateboards

I've been wanting to 5-0 this thing ever since I re learned them on the flat bar!!! Just couldn't find the balls to do it, until today!!!! Finally found them hidden away in some dark crevasse, So hyped it worked!!!! Skateboarding is great!!! Random little self goals! 💯💯💯 #skateboardingisfun #happyholidays @berrics thanks! 📹: @kelvinhoefler

I am really hyped and excited on this board!!!! Coming sometime in January!!! The sequel to my "recycle" board I did for my @deathwishskateboards series!!! "Spew" I think this is the best graphic I've done so far!!!! I illustrated the whole thing, cleaned her up and chose all the colors myself! Made with love, tears and passion!!!! 💯percent from me to you!!!! I can't wait for y'all to see it and I hope you all like it and get one!!!!😍 #neenoart #deathwishskateboards #skateboarding #art #limited #gtwyc

Wow these are awesome!!!! @loudheadphones made out of old skateboards!!!! So sick!!!😍😍😍 get you some!!!!!

A few tricks, with a few friends 😌@johndilo @tonytave 📹: @jeremyadams85 @deathlens #deathlenspro

Fs shuvs from back in the day in Europe!!! Thanks @dirtyklips

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