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You're right. And it's clear skies. Cause my results match yours. And in this moment, our decisions share a skull. Your footprints leave no evidence past mine in the snow. Stepping in line, with no mission. Lost in a synchronic harmony. Because we agree. And that's all I need.

If you're standing on the South Pole, no matter which way you go, you will always head North. Things to remember on the worst day of your life.

The world is frozen, but I am not. I will keep moving, keep planning and breathing. The world is frozen. I am not.

Doing a lot of preparation for my future. New adventures and new cities on the horizon.

Like ice sculptures and drawing in the fog.

"Pretty. Pretty pretty" - @forthesumoffiftycents

One more post on @artofvisuals to finish up my takeover. What a great way to start off 2017! This was taken at the Vance Creek Bridge before it got "sanctioned". Still one of my favorite places I went last year.

Limited Prints Available for 24 hours!
Good morning guys! If you haven't seen, I'm taking over @artofvisuals today! (SO STOKED) To celebrate, I launched my website and have 6 prints for sale. They are only available for 24 hours, so please go check em out! Link in my bio. The first person to buy a print will get a shoutout! Thanks so much guys!

Tomorrow, in celebration of launching my new website, I will be doing an account takeover on one of my favorite accounts!! (It's a secret). I will also (for the first time) have six prints for sale all day tomorrow ONLY. There's no guarantee I will bring them back so if you want to support a starving photographer, be sure to buy one from me! SEE YOU GUYS TOMORROW!!

❌What size prints do you like?❌
Website almost finished! I'm currently getting a swatch-book of different kinds of fine art paper available. That way I can be sure the prints I'm sending out are exactly what I want you to be having. But if you got to pick, what size print do you guys like? My favorite is 13x19, to me it's just big enough to make a statement, but it's not GIANT. Leave opinions below!

Happy Steven is happy. While going through photos for my new website, I keep reflecting on all these great times I've had this year and all the great friends I had them with. Miss you guys!

I look up to you, but you make me feel tall.
I hope one day I'll always be there if you fall.
#moodyports #portraitpage #pursuitofportraits

Merry Christmas Everybody!

It lives atop the waterfall. In a fortress of stone.

Heading to Palouse Falls tonight at MIDNIGHT cause that's a good time to leave on a road trip. It's funny cause I was there last year around this same time, I wonder how different it will look...

Want to see how I edited this photo? Want a sneak peak at my "Secret Sauce"? I'll be going live at 9PM to show you guys how I edit 90% of my photos. And if you don't care about that, stop by and say hi anyway! See you soon!

Bet you don't have a lot of these on your feed right now. I've been pretty inactive due to family time and lack of shooting, but I'll be back at it again very soon! Thanks to all the new followers I've gotten over the past month, if you're new, please say hi in my DMs. I would love to meet all of you!

If there is no light to see the map in front of you, what good is having a map at all. Every sign is not reworked in braille on every vacant wall. We are not guided, laying limp and bored. Dragged from hall to hall. We are given a map, and we bring our own light. Dragging ourselves. Our friends and all.

Need a portrait? Family photo? I'm doing a Christmas special, DM me for details!

The more the water runs its path, the more the rock forms to it. Creating paths and familiarities. But the rock loses bits of itself. Sacrificing for the betterment of the water and it's journey. When the water dries up, the rock doesn't change. The lines and curves remain. Forever.

If Rex the Van splashes through a puddle in the woods, but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Honestly it's hard not to hear Rex, she's not very quiet.

A log across a cold creek is your love in my winter. A convenient inconvenience. A happy mistake. I'm pulled begrudgingly from my slumber. And don't thank you until later.

Et tu, Brute? *No dogs were harmed in the making of this caption. His name is Caesar so I'm just being clever.*

"I wish I could save this moment."
"What do you mean?" She asked.
"I wish I could keep this night and come back whenever I was feeling down. Me, looking into your eyes, the cool air moving your hair ever so slightly. And I know you love me"
She smiled, keeping my gaze.
"Keep me as a memory"

Watch for cannonballs 👀

I sat here for 15 minutes before I took this picture. And I still had to photoshop 8 people out of it in post. EIGHT. They have been individually tagged for your convenience. They are still there in spirit.

When writing on the wall isn't enough to keep them out, they resort to mythology. Ghosts true and false whispering in ears, evolving and changing, creating the demons that haunt the forbidden places. But it will not be enough to keep out the brave.

If your problems are big and you need to feel small, just stand under a waterfall.

Illustrating has always been a huge passion for me. It's what got me through every math class in high school, and also helped me make a little money in college. It feels good to revisit old friends. Sorry I made you hairy @bethanydreadfulwater 😂

If nurtured at first, and then set free,
The smallest seed makes the tallest tree.

For those of you who were a little upset that I took photos inside the ice cave, don't worry, I took some outside too 😉Stay safe friends!

It's raining on the porch, but it doesn't make a sound
The water under the bridge is flooding the whole fucking town.

We are the headlights in the moonless night
The significant words to end a fight
The dark black rocks on the mountainside
Instructing the water. Conducting the tide
We're meant to be peace-keepers
And if you don't believe it's true
Just look at the damage our hatred can do.
If you voted for Trump, you don't support LGBT or immigration and you DO support rape?

If you voted Hillary, you're supporting corruption, blatant lying and abortions?

If you voted 3rd party, you threw away your vote and should be "ashamed"? Everyone is being so negative. People vote for the positives in candidates and then get criticized for agreeing with their negatives. I guarantee no sane person voted for Trump for his comments about women, and no one voted for Hillary because of her email skills.
But they DID vote for them because of the good things they promise to do. We just have to hope that the good will outweigh the bad, because that's what we've been forced to do.
Don't hate. Have hope and believe in each other. We cannot be the UNITED States if we are divided. If you are unhappy, do not take it out your friends, educate them and then continue to fight for what you believe in. Hate, anger and rage will not prevail over anything. Ok that's all the political juice you'll ever get out of me, I just like taking pictures 😬📸

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