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@carissarosario for @maximmag • photography by @mikeho_

At the end of the day...I just want my mom to say "that's my boy...he did that!". @nubias_401 • her and my soon to be wife @cynthiaschavez • I just want them to look at me and say "he is the man that I always dreamed of." That's all I want.

I love this guy...I would take a bullet for him. This is family! My blood brother!!! My Bro Bro!! @jessyterrero

Mr. & Mrs. Ho • @cynthiaschavez 👪 • Elijah Arguello Ho pictured but not pictured lol 🤰🏻• 📸 @yisneyterrero

Yo y el jefe @wisin • Llegando muy pronto • @cinemagiants

What's the return policy for presidency? 🤔 Because the one we got is broken and doesn't come with batteries? I just want @barackobama back please...thanks! ok bye!

We don't be little anyone or say we are the best or this and that...because we know it's not us...it is GOD. I will never take credit or say I was the reason for anyone's success or even my own...if someone flourishes because of the help I gave them it was because God sent me to help them and if I happen to be blessed with an amazing opportunity it is because God himself put me there. I am humbled and blessed every day I wake up because waking up to see another day is a blessing in it's own. Stop being so arrogant and acting like God by saying you are the reason for anything...instead say "I'm happy that I was able to help them be who THEY were already meant to be." They aren't who they are because of you...they were already who they were with or without you...you just saw an opportunity to say "I did that!". No...God did that....So sit your ass down. #GODSPEEDLA #CINEMAGIANTS #ARTISTRYLIVES

#wCw😘😘😘 this is what #3monthspregnant looks like! My baby mama looking good 😜 @cynthiaschavez • Photo by me of course! 🤠

There's a reason why I always make sure to take care of my fam @kidink and @deejayillwill when it comes to these visuals...it's because they always show me love and never fail to treat me like a brother. They didn't have to present me with this plaque but they did....ILL WILL said "you deserve it". We all do. Thank you fam...you don't know how much this means to me. God bless! #thealumni #kidink #promise

Me and my bro @who_is_dbeck on set yesterday. He is a genius in his own. Educated and his attention to detail is money! Follow my fellow film producer/writer!!!

#Repost @officialcshort
When you wish you was looking at what we looking at. #NoGamesPlayed2017 @mrmaxgousse @dscott1010 @mikeho_ @artistryworld #ArtistryLives

Some things are better off left unknown...it's the reveal and the look on everyone's face that is worth the wait. #phillipians413

Today's paint brushes. Day 2 of my transition to film. It's amazing how different it is to breakdown a script versus a treatment. The time spent breaking each shot down is exciting. Taking my time capturing actors performances is key and honestly the best part of all this. #Godisagood

Here's a photo of me taking a photo of my father 8 years ago. I was unemployed and lost everything. Forced me to go back home for a few days. On this balcony I told my dad "I'm going to be biggest film director one day dad...you and mom are going to go to the theaters to watch my movies...I promise you that dad." He said, "I know son". For the first time in awhile...I actually feel like 1 step closer to doing that. In Jesus name I'll do whatever it takes to make them proud.

AND HERE WE GOOOOOOO!!!! First day back...and feeling good!!!!! God is Good!!!

Tomorrow marks the day of why I worked so hard. Whatever the outcome is I'll still be happy and thankful for what God has blessed me with. But...God didn't train or raise a fighter...he raised a warrior. I know he says "thall shall not kill..." but Lord please forgive me now because I'm about to murder this!!! 🎬🎥☠️🙏🏼


I was meant to do this. This will be the year you see me do my first movie 🎥 in Jesus name I'll do everything right by him to make this happen!

Me and the bro @joeymcfarland talking the future and telling me what it takes. Here's a photo of us on set together as he Executive Produces one of projects. Surround yourself with the greats so you learn what it takes to become one. #ItsMyTime2017 #Films #Movies #DirectedbyMikeHo @redgranitepictures

Focus on your dream and let God do the rest.

Let Go... @murielvillera • photo @mikeho_ • MUA @xenia_makeupartist

New work with mi hermano @farrukoofficial for his new line Carbon Fiber.

Photo by @mikeho_
Produced by @Vandalee3
EP @jessyterrero

💋💋💋@ashwigs • photo by @mikeho_ • MUA @touchedbyneicy

Brown Eyed Girl • @jossieochoa • photo @mikeho_

DEEP HORIZON • @nattcity • Photo by @mikeho_

My nephew got me with a HEADSHOT LOL 🔫🤕• When you play CALL OF DUTY for real with your nephew @anthonyvibess • Being the favorite uncle is a full time job, feel? What? 🤷🏻‍♂️

All I can do is show you why I deserve this seat. With God by my side, anything I put my mind to can be achieved through him who gives me strength 💪🏼🙏🏼

Yup! Look at this guy/girl!!! Looks like we got a little Mike Ho and @cynthiaschavez writing his own movie! Me and Cynthia are Executive Producing it...he/she is a first time Director but I'm sure he'll do Just fine! 🎥🎬👶🏻 ! It is GREENLIT!!! Officially in pre production! Set to shoot this year!!! COMING SOON 🤣😂🤣🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻. All jokes aside God has blessed me with the greatest opportunity ever. @cynthiaschavez thank you!!! I love you and couldn't be any happier. Now let's build the biggest empire so our kids could be born Kings (or queens 👸🏻) lol. In Jesus name I thank God for the blessings!!! #TheHoArguellos

I want this more than anyone. I pray to God every night for his blessing because without him I can't do it. Only through him is anything possible. If he doesn't bless it....i don't want it. #phillipians413

FACE/OFF • @kidink • Photo by @mikeho_@deejayillwill

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