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David Brooks @mavadogully

Serious inquiries only Booking info: bookmavado@gmail.com US 9546580157 JM 8765663202


Father and son 5 years ago.


No games


Much love and blessings to the Khaled family just look at the young star What he's in today representing GULLY coming soon.@djkhaled

Happy birthday son daddy love you πŸ˜‡

Coming soon @ghostcaviar


All the best for the new year and may the good Lord watch over my people and protect them every Gullyside world wide fan or no fan keep your head up and don't forget it's all about progress

Getting ready

Just a little look at the inside of my home for the fans merry Christmas and all the best for the new year it's GULLYSIDE WE THE Best JAMAICA. And for my fans look out for my album 2017 and yes I know it's been 9 years πŸ˜ƒ

Boss move.

RIP mama πŸ˜•love goes out. @snappydon_mobayempire


Big work lastnight for the fans look out its coming your way soon Gullygad Gullyside @farrukoofficial.

Beat and teach.

Work time get up.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday love today Gullygad forever

πŸ˜‡ family.

Double love 🌹

RIP little sis just know the family misses you everyday just sleep well with the angels πŸ™πŸ˜©.

Went to this school in Trinidad to show the kids some love hear them sing.

Sweet sweet Jamaica my fans just take a good look at the progress.

We destroyed Trinindad over the weekend πŸ”₯.

Make a quick stop in the streets of Trinidad tonight mi a fuck up this place mi fans dem a wait fi years now.

Trinidad I tell you I was going to be in your city mad thing Saturday night Gullygad and the team wi ready history in the making brawla mi say.

Just at my pool side looking out in the city of Kingston.ghetto youths I did this just to show that we can and just to inspire the ones that comes after me and even the ones before and respect to the true fans that rides for us from any side of the world keep it blazing πŸ”₯Trinidad look out this Saturday Gullygad history in the making.

Life and the work you put in.

I was singing that big song progress and everybody loved it bless up to the fans.

Bahamas clean voice brawla in town Gullyside fi life @troopatraloopa

Ghetto people keep your head up this song is for the youths especially.Tell me who ago do it fi you Gullyside we keep working for progress.

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