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Ain't nothing wrong with a little bromance!! @hammerhendrickson I blacked out and for some reason paddled in at the worst possible spot. But damn this hug felt good after 2 years of back to back injuries !! This is what Surfing's all about. Good sessions with good friends!! @rockstarenergy @sanuk @loveavasol @ktsurfing

My biggest Mu yet. Pretty rare I get a fish like this. Gotta work on that lung capacity !!! These fish got a 4.0 in shaft dodging!! @rockstarenergy @sanuk @loveavasol @hi.vis.spearfishing

Scored some serious grinds yesterday!!! Mu and lobster are two of my favorites!!! 🤤 @geoff_da_hunter @yobosayo__
@rockstarenergy @sanuk

So beautiful !! This was our anchorage the last 2 days!!!

🐐+ steamer = 🤤 good little dive with @jjsouki @ryankaeo
@sanuk @rockstarenergy

Caught this 🔨 on the game cam!!! Hope you make it through the rest of the season till I come back!!!

Gonna miss my Arkansas family. Especially this girl @kaseybatterton come home soon.

Had 7 does sitting under me last night in the stand !!! Let um walk in hopes of a big Christmas buck!! No big boys came in but was pretty fun watching these girls from above!! @rockstarenergy @sanuk

@landon_mcnamara killing it !! Rastafarian vibes!!

Make um and break um!!! Learn something new every board I make!! @sanuk @rockstarenergy 📸 @lilymeola

When I saw this footage of @olaeleogram riding a single fin I couldn't help my self and had to post it!! He has been one of my favorite surfers since I was a little kid. Ola could ride a door and he still would be taking off under the lip. Can't wait to watch him ride jaws!! @olamanaorganics footage by @jonspenser

@ian.walsh #DistanceBetweenDreams
Saturday at The Maui Arts & Cultural Center !!
After party at Charlies with @lilymeola and @lukasnelsonofficial

@johnjohn_slater did it 🙊🙈 @takeshelterprod
Yay !!! The surf industry is so strange to me. Aside from the world title you would think the freesurfers landing the most progressive moves would have no trouble landing big time sponsorship deals. In every other sport talent seems to talk. Snowboarding, skateboarding, dirt biking if you're doing the most insane tricks you are the guy getting the deals. In surfing it seams like image is more important??? Pretty hair, trippy style, punk rocker!!! Why? I personally like to watch crazy shit regardless of that that person looks like or what he does when he is not surfing. Big hucks should = big bucks. Anyways just a thought. In the end we all have to be thankful that we get to enjoy riding waves at all. Aside from money and sponsorship surfing will always be the coolest thing in the world. We ride foam on moving mountains of water!!! That's fucking awesome!!!

This sick fuck @johnjohn_slater also does 540s Wish I was there to see it in person!! Good job my friend!! Hey @kellyslater there's a new member in the club!! Turns out he likes to hit it from the backside!!!

Lovely Friday afternoon.

My buddy @geoff_da_hunter and @horseyman had a nice little encounter with a 🐯 shark the other day !!! @hi.vis.spearfishing

Hoʻokipa will have a stop light, traffic will increase, Old Maui High will be leased for 1$/year, for 60plus years, the start of much more development along Hāna Highway unless our community speaks up!!!!!
Easy to send in testimony, or be at Council chambers tmrw TUESDAY at 1:00
If you cannot make it, PLEASE Email testimony to:
Aloha Economic Development, Energy, Agriculture, and Reccreation Committee,
Please defer this item, regarding Old Maui High & TEACH LLC. as there has NOT been any community outreach regarding this huge project that will affect all parties of Hāmakuapoko & Hāna Highway.
Join the group below ....For more info.
Old Maui High School Land Proposal Updates
(If anything should be at Old Maui High it should be a full-time Charter School & Resource Center for our keiki, & kūpuna) -my manaʻo

One more from the Peahi challenge!!! The feeling of watching one of your best friends tackle his dreams!!! Hows the 🌈 running through it!!! @billykemper cheeheee
Photo: john carter

So sick watching @paigealms charge a few bombs yesterday and become the first women's Peahi champ!!!! I always knew you were tough ever since haiku school days when you would play football at recess with all the boys!!! ✊ congrats!!!!

Big bill done did it again!!!! The matt mobile got some serious juju going on!! So happy for you my brother!! U we're on fire today!! @billykemper

Finally gradicated !!!!!!

Peahi challenge is most likely a go tomorrow and Friday!!! Idk about you guys but I am so psyched to watch @degeoconnell !!! #teamdege All the way!! If anybody has paid their dues out there it's this hard working, hard charging, big smiling man!!! Also good luck to the rest of my good friends!!!!

Shoulda, coulda, woulda !!! I was going in the whitewash for a sec and got bumped off spinning around. So disappointing. Rare to get a section like this.
@loveavasol 📸 @jonspenser

Blowing it on the best section ever!!! Could have been an easy 5 instead it was a flail to whiplash !!! @rockstarenergy
@loveavasol 📸 @jonspenser

How many pordagees does it take to make a venison steak?!?! @_marlonl And I turned the back legs of this deer in to some prime time venison steaks!!! @degeoconnell this is bradda and bradda construction at its finest hahaha

@jeffroh2o cutting this owl free after it was stuck in the vines for 30 min. Sometimes you see the craziest things when you go hunting.

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