Marc Nava

Marc Nava @marc_nava


Girl head on Conor's hand @portcitytattooca #portcitytattoocm

Big one-shot panther on Kevin, thanks man! @portcitytattooca #portcitytattoocm

Maya endured 2 days straight of tattooing her chest, she's a total badass. Thanks again toughing it out 💪🏼👏🏻

Last tattoo of 2016, thank you Ryan @portcitytattooca #portcitytattoocm

David's back finished for now @portcitytattooca #portcitytattoocm

Oni on Cody's arm last night @portcitytattooca #portcitytattoocm

Crawling tiger made this year @portcitytattooca #portcitytattoocm

Side of the knee Hannya-spider on Chang today @portcitytattooca

Panther on Marlon, covering a Jawbreaker tattoo @portcitytattooca

Saturday Dec.10th in Long Beach @danielalbrigo

Tiger- Christ on Trini today! Thanks for making the trip! 🙏🏻 @portcitytattooca #portcitytattoocm

Added this hannya skull and dagger to @colinyovng 's arm.

Crawling Tiger on Russ, thank you! @portcitytattooca

Eagle on @haleymodirpour, stoked to add to your collection, thanks again! @portcitytattooca

Devil head on Zach's thigh @portcitytattooca

Finished up @merryle__ 's tiger, @portcitytattooca

Eagle from today, thanks Michael! @portcitytattooca

My page from @lllbooks #thecatbook thanks for including me! Grab yourself one of these awesome books now!

Fudo-spider on my dude @touchyfili at the amazing @bayareatattooconvention HUGE thank you to @stateofgracetaki and everyone who made the show possible. #blackclawneedle

Devil girl on Pete's foot to match his other one we did last year @bayareatattooconvention #blackclawneedle

Hannya skull made at the great @bayareatattooconvention

New Hannya baseball t's available this weekend at the @bayareatattooconvention !!!

Cyclops wolf clients request, thanks Dane! @portcitytattooca

Drawn on knee panther on Cameron today @portcitytattooca

22"x30" New painting I'll have for sale at @bayareatattooconvention along with other originals. Still have a few openings for tattoos as well. 📧 thanks for looking!

Tiger n' chains on Stu, thanks man! @portcitytattooca

Made this guy on chill Will @portcitytattooca

Ill be tattooing at @bayareatattooconvention with my bro @waachip email or direct message for appointments! See yall there!

Gorilla on @nickmayes made at @londontattooconvention thanks again to everyone who got tattooed!

Drawn on tiger and flames done at @londontattooconvention

Drawn -on side of the knee at @londontattooconvention

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