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What's in your bag?
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#onthego who else enjoys this snack? Bite apple, squeeze almond butter in your mouth & repeat! #busymom #ontothenextsport #sportmom just another day in @kristens_fit_life for ya!

Never mind that it's not even 10am, never mind that I already ate 2 meals today....I'm #hangry but that's what's a kick butt #metabolic workout will do to you. @kristens_fit_life is jammed packed today with exciting stuff, must fuel up -----------------
Simple easy satisfying sautéed butternut squash "noodle" with ground turkey & my fav pasta sauce 👊🏼#fitmomfood #fuel

When I get serious about my eating I often bake these ➡️ egg white square veggie cups. They are simple but satisfying. Just got back from a girls weekend with @kristens_fit_life celebrating my success with #keepcollective so I'm ready to put down the margaritas & dial it in #letsdothis #bikinireadybyspringbreak

One of my favorite snacks..all Under 200 calories, protein packed & delish! -----------------
White cheddar rice cake egg sandwich ---------------
✔️3 egg whites
✔️1 slice mild cheddar thin cheese slice ✔️2 ounces honey roasted turkey ✔️1 white cedar rice cake
#fitmom #snack #healthy #easymeal #fitmomfood #protein #iifym #fitnessfood #motivation #foodie

I have big goals in 2017! Some fitness & some order to accomplish goals I think it's important to surround yourself with awesome people! I'd love to know who motivated YOU in 2016? I could use some inspo!

My go to #lowcarb meal lately...just over here trying to figure out this #macropuzzle double tap if most of your meals end up looking like this...a bunch of stuff you threw into a skillet😜 #stillyummythough -------------------
1 cup Sautéed zucchini, 5oz ground turkey, 1 egg & banana peppers👌🏼

Getting ready to watch the #badgers {Go BUCKy GO} & trying really hard to stay away from the carbs #stuffing #pie 😩 I made low carb fajita with cauliflower rice. ------------------
See more bracelet ideas at @kristens_fit_life ------------------
#cleaneating #lowcarb #gameday #chicken #fitmom #onwisconsin #football #healthy #fitfood

The good stuff....whole wheat stuffing that's just as good if not better than your mommas stuffing!!
🦃recipe in comments⬇️ and today's killer pre dinner leg workout posted over on @kristens_fit_life 🦃Lift, Eat & be Merry #inthatorder

Maybe this is why I workout so early, I offend less people 😂😂 #butReallyJustHereToWorkout

Turkey, mushrooms, squash, OH MY! Low carb,high satisfaction & no bowl necessary...pretty much the perfect meal. This is such an easy meal to prep, in fact, I prepped it with one hand as I was busy on a conference call for @kristens_Fit_life 👊🏼 that's how this #busymom makes it happen! -------------------
Sautéed ground turkey breast, mushroom, onion & spinach. Added pasta sauce. Cooked squash in microwave, poke holes & put it in for 10 min.

I had Halloween chocolate I had to use them. Taking a break from my jewels over on @kristens_fit_life to make these Chickpea protein blondies. ------------------------
Blend together: 1 can garbanzo beans, 1/2c peanut butter, 1/3c maple syrup, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 baking Soda & powder, 1/2 scoop @tryabouttime protein vanilla or peanut butter. Bake at 350 for a few min.

It's totally normal to bake cinnamon rolls & salmon at the same time, right? #momlife
Sometimes Sunday food prep happens on Monday morning. {note: the cinnamon rolls were not for me😉} #fitmomlife #salmon&CinnamonRollsSmellInterestingTogether😜

Just got back from an amazing vacation...but you moms know what it's like upon return... no food in my house, laundry a mile high & not 1 second to make food. Thank god for delicious snacks like creamy protein packed @smariorganics key lime is my fav & 🎃 pumpkin @kindsnacks getting me thru this hectic day! #fitfood #snacks #fitmom
See more of behind the scenes of my vacation on @kristens_fit_life

Don't let its bad looks fool you...this is soooo good! -----------------------
Low carb crab pesto "pasta"
Recipe: poke holes into 2 spaghetti squashes with a fork then microwave each of them individually for 8-10 min. Cut in them in half & spoon put seeds (throw that part away). Then fork the flesh of squash so it makes "pasta noodles". Place those noodles into a large pot with garlic & little water & cook on low until water is gone. Then Add in pesto sauce, imitation crab, chopped tomato. Just warm it all up. Then done! #tasteslikepasta lowcarb #spaghettisquash #pesto #crab #healthy #fitfood #fitmom

I'm gonna "squash" dem goals 😂😂.Multi-tasking...isn't that what moms do best? #foodprepping with some serious spaghetti squash while "working" {kicking off an online @keepcollective social}
What am I preppin? A whole lot of spaghetti squash! Baked salmon with buttered squash noodles & then more squash mixed with pesto/garlic/imitation crab meat {there was suppose to be cherry tomatoes too but they got lost somewhere between the grocery store & my house🙈}•shoutout to @Costco for these handy dandy food prep containers 👍🏼
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Soooo this just happened! 🏅Just holding it for @kevincordes 🏊🏼
Thank you for visiting your Elementary School and forever inspiring the students [and me🙋] at White Eagle! #PerksOfThePTA
See my matching bracelets over on @kristens_fit_life #usa #olympics #rio2016 #swimming #

My dirty little secret....sometimes at night I eat these 2 ingredient low carb insanely high protein pancakes filled with chocolate cookie swirl. #confession #weAllHaveCravings --------------------
Blend together 1 scoop banana flavored Casein protein powder with 1/2 c - 1/3 cup egg whites. Cook like a pancake. Top with peanut butter or chocolate (🙈). --------------------
Jewels by @kristens_fit_life

We have a long day of sports in front of us #footballmom #soccermom #hockeymom... I am prepared for tired kids & hungry parents... I'm packing this snack that is sure to keep us all happy...White chocolate chip frosted pumpkin protein donuts. -------------------
Recipe is super easy...a blend and bake recipe! Love those! Blend together the following: 1 cup pumpkin, 2 bananas, 1 scoop chocolate @tryabouttime Protein, 2 eggs, 2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp baking soda, 2T honey, 2 cup quick oats (I actually used 2 packages of instant pumpkin oatmeal), 1 tsp vanilla. Pour batter into sprayed donut Pan. Bake 350 for 10-12 min. ---------------------
Want to see how I'm matching my jewelry to my kids sports? Head over to @kristens_fit_life 🏉⚽️🏒

Post-workout Pumpkin Protein Pancakes...say that 5 times fast😜 ALMOST as hard as my HUGE leg workout 😩. --------------------
Super simple people...throw 5 ingredients into a blender & boom...pancake mix!
Recipe: 1 scoop cinnamon @tryabouttime protein, 1 packet of pumpkin instant oatmeal or 1/2c quick oats, 1/3c egg whites, 1/4 c pumpkin. Blend. Makes 3 pancakes😋. I topped mine with butter & @kernelseasons kettle corn powder & white chocolate chips bc #moderation365

Try to just eat one...I dare ya! -------------------
Chocolate chip pumpkin protein mini muffins
Blend together the following: 1 cup pumpkin, 2 bananas, 1 scoop chocolate @tryabouttime Protein, 2 eggs, 2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp baking soda, 2T honey, 2 cup quick oats (I actually used 2 packages of instant pumpkin oatmeal), 1 tsp vanilla. Pour batter into sprayed mini muffin pan. Bake 350 for 10-12 min. Or check out how I grilled mine with my chicken over on @kristens_fit_life

I'm always looking for ways to sneak in #pumpkinspice Cheerios. Taking a break from @kristens_fit_life to make the perfect apple nachos #afterschoolsnack for me & my kindergartner. ------------------
Top sliced apples with melted pb & really anything you might be craving. I used white & dark chocolate chips & pumpkin spice @cheerios #cherrios #apples #fallfood #afterschool #snack #kidfood #fitmomfood

Chicago started to feel a little bit like Fall 🍂, so it felt like a good day to make White Chicken Spicy Chili
I love this chili because it can be made in 30 minutes, it's spicy & it's topped with avocado. --------------------
In a large Dutch oven cook 2lbs of Ground chicken. Then add to the large pot, 1 white diced oven, 1 diced Serrano pepper, 2 jalapeño peppers, 1 cup frozen roasted corn, 1 T cumin, 1/2tsp gr. Coriander, 2tsp garlic. Sautee everything together until peppers soften. Then add in 1 1/2 cans cannelloni beans, 2 cups chicken broth. While that's cooking. Purée 1 can garbanzo beans & 1/2 can cannelloni beans with some chicken broth (just enough to purée the beans). Add the purée mixture to the large pot. Done! Top w avocado.

It's easy to eat this way when lunches look like this #shrimp #salad

My beach eats #labordayweekend #essentials what's in your beach bag? #lacroix #picklepopcorn

Working from home all day busy hitting my end of month goals with @kristens_fit_life so I'm able to cook up all my meals making sure I hit all my taste buds while hitting my biz goals! Healthy Pizza earlier for lunch & now low carb Mexican dinner. All washed down with a bubbly lacroix 😋
#happygirl -------------------
To make tonight's quick healthy dinner I simply pan seared thin cubed steak until they were pink. In separate pan I sautéed peppers & onion. Topped with avocado & jalapeño Greek yogurt. 👌🏼#simple #healthy #satisfying

Ground Turkey, mushroom onion Nam pizza 🍕turned my whole wheat piece on nan bread into this quick delish & Protein packed pizza! #allmine ----------------------------
Cooked ground turkey separately, sautéed mushroom & onion. Then assembled pizza in the nan. Baked until cheese melted.
#pizza #lunch #fitfood #healthy #fitmom #fitmomfood #cleaneating

Keeping it simple. Salmon & zucchini to start my week off in the right direction!

I decided to "wing it" for this dinner & I Nailed it!
Baked Oat crusted chicken tenders.
All I did was smear Dijon mustard on each tender, dip them in olive oil, then coat them in a mixture of oats & parm cheese: I don't have measurements #wingit then I baked them for 35-40 min!

After a day next to the pool we came home hungry & tired...glad I always keep frozen shrimp in my freezer for situations like this. In 15 minutes (that's faster than Chipotle...well that's what I told my husband) we had spicy shrimp and cauliflower rice. #healthyDinnerInMinutes #lowcarb #fitfood #fitmom #fitmomfood #shrimp

Give me all the peppers #iLoveTheCrunch my ground turkey salad for lunch

Kicked off my shoes & dancing the night away! All that dancing helps burn off the treats, right? Check out more about my amazing weekend over on @kristens_fit_life 💃🏼🎉

Do you even #zoodle ? Well if your into healthy eating, you to probably do. But do you add cottage cheese to your meat sauce? I do & its delish, tastes like lasagna #butfaster and #healthier

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