Kirstin Scholtz

Kirstin Scholtz @kirstinscholtz

Content creator @wild.ark 🌳
Formerly senior photographer for World Surf League.
Passionate about saving our wild places

I can't imagine a world without ele's and I desperately want my future children to have the experiences I had growing up knowing these magnificent, intelligent, emotional and highly social beings.

This time last week. 🌴

Tropical island outhouse. Just high enough off the ground to avoid crocs, snakes and giant crabs!

Marooned on a sand spit with just my camera. Could be worse!

Sand strip runways and barefoot baggage handlers, that's how we like to travel @wild.ark.

Take me back here. @haggerstoneisland

Step out of your comfort zone and go and explore the world's wild places.

Tasmania in October. So magical waking up to a snow covered wilderness and feeling the snowflakes melt on our faces.

Otis ❤

Into the Wild.
@mfanno @wild.ark

Snowy Tasmanian wilderness. @wild.ark

It's been 12 years since I started shooting professional surfing for a living with the @wsl and I've spent the past 9 years shooting every single event on the World Tour. It has been the most incredible journey! I have been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the most talented people, shoot the very best athletes and see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I have had. But it's time for a new challenge and so I am hanging up my WSL pass.
In 2017 I will be turning my lens and my passion away from the surf and focusing on the environment with conservation company @wild.ark. Having grown up in South Africa, wildlife was my earliest passion and at a time when the planet needs us most, I couldn't be more excited to start focussing my energy in this direction. I'll probably be posting less wave shots from now on but stay tuned for more updates in 2017, hopefully from somewhere wild ✌.


Spot the bottom turn. #pipe #northshore #hawaii #surfing

Sunset over Karongwe Game Reserve South Africa with @wild.ark and @ecotraining a while back. My happy place!


Aussies, don't miss this Saturday's Weekend supplement in the @heraldsunweekend. Stoked to see my photo of @mfanno on the cover. @wild.ark @wsl @nikonaustralia

Congratulations @tylerwright! Not the waves we hoped for but a great end to your amazing 2016 season! 🏆🎉

Tropical island playgrounds are the best! 🌴🐠

Dreamy 🌴

Swimming with my turtle friend at Honolua Bay.

Wild coast.

Where lava meets the ocean.

A little interview up on @wsl about how I started in photography as well as some of the conservation projects I'm involved with outside of surfing, if anyone feels like a read.
⬆Link in bio.
@wild.ark @ausrhinoproject @chipembere_rhino_foundation @nikonaustralia
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Hiking the Lahaina Pali trail in Maui. You wouldn't think this was Hawaii given how dry it looks. 📷 @brettskinner


Back in Maui! This is 2016 World Champ @tylerwright in action during Round 1. #mauipro #honoluabay

Lonely ship in the clouds.

Interview with @mfanno about our trip to Alaska with @wild.ark now on check it out!

Tasmania under a blanket of snow. @wild.ark

Birdseye view. #goldcoast

Shooting in a snow storm. #snow #snowflakes #white #tasmania

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