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2017 baby... must fucking have right here since my kinfolk wont sell me his 😂😂😂 Pic via @jimboslice_

Eager to see these retro with 3m. Pic via @giftedkicks_

Where do these drop tonight??

Beautiful combo
Picture via @espbj

Is ths gonna be the first lebron i own... i dont know if i can do it

Post via @b4thetrend

Pic via @zsneakerheadz

This shit better be photoshopped... I cant wait to get these new videos out. A LOT of late stuff but hey... Ishhh happens.


Consider this a waste of money if they don't fix the am1s shape or these 3s look anything like the true blues, i need to see the same shit i saw on those black and white 3s.

Dont just be a hype now!

So these are dripp6this year... i just wish they would've used the same outsole that was on the white and red 11 lows.
What do y'all think?

1 time for @ygtrece and his signature line.

All is right in the world!

Sorry for the confusion yesterday however here is an early pic of the 2017 Royal 1s.
Whatcha think?

Have you ever seen a better pair from 85, let me answer that NO!

@scottrenus with this crazy pristine jordan 1 royal!

19 years to the date these bad boys came out... not gonna pick up the new pair, I see no reason.

I need these to hit outlets for the low low, the collector in me needs to complete this nike air set and if I gotta add this crappy overpriced retro then so be it but only for the right low price.

I need an 11.5 or a 12... one of these muffugas gone bless me. *This is fake upon further research

Who coppin? Be honest lol

Man @thiscuban does the dopest swaps I've seen. I hope this post blows his inbox up! If @jumpman23 doesn't do these justice i might have to shoot an email and handle this process.

See 4 yourself!

These bad boys releasing very soon, but can peoples pockets keep up after such an expensive 2016 full of crazy releases. Im outlet hunting this year!

Which Doernbecher would you prefer?
Rank them.

Dope!!! Pic via: @thedon__c
I like what they did here.

Alright now Big Fella, don't burn my phone up with these now Big Fella @the_perfect_pair
But for real, let the lounge come to see the crazy collection!!! We comin somehow someway, TRUST!

@picksel8 thank you for respecting the classics, i need to bag these soon! Show my mans some love!

The merch is real! Go buy some gear now heading into the new year. Secure the gear alert! @8and9

When they take notice! Lol but its hype over here in the lounge. Gotta apply pressure next year tho!

They're off looking but if they woulda looked anything like those gold 6s then I'd probably feel otherwise. Just a matte gold jordan 11 isn't impressive.

Wooohhhhh! Them satin boys worn by @curatenyc
Best part about it, they on feet!

Christmas was luxurious for @therealuncleju

Not bad @kingjames not bad at all.

Happy Holidays, enjoy this custom work via: @jwdanklefs

Gorgeous shoe with a great shot via: @kickgame77
Stupid fresh!

Im going to say it now... DOPE!

You csn send these in an 11.5 my way @jumpman23

Not joking.

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