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Hopefully this isn't #FakeNews and people are really waking up enough to see that the enslavement, torture, and abuse animals suffer for our pleasure is no longer an acceptable norm. In fact, I would argue that all zoos and animal attractions not dedicated specifically to conservation and rehabilitation of animals should be dismantled and shut down. And I'm sure I'll cop plenty of flack for saying that. I mean, people just gotta have their #DancingBears and Tigers jumping thru fiery hoops and Elephants doing handstands, ya know. #RinglingBrothersCircus and #Seaworld, #ByeFelicia. 🐻🐯🐘🐬🐳

Thanks @easternsurfmag and my old crew back home for the cover! I think #TomDugan took this but it may have been #DickMeseroll back in about 1985 when #CapeHatterasLighthouse was still right on the beachfront near the jetties and wetsuits for groms looked more like a pair of #Baggies. I miss those days.
Congratulations to @surfesa for 50 years of running amateur events and helping guys like myself start a career in a small beach town without a ton of opportunity to expand outside of the local community. You guys were a huge blessing to all of us as kids. And the east coast surf championships in Hatteras every September were some of the best times of my life. πŸ€™πŸ½

My first #MannequinChallenge. A little late to the game but we shut down @banzaisushibar for the momentous occasion of Stu's first B-Day in 9 years (I can't explain that)! @anastasiaashley @jaimiesullivan @missylee808 @kalanimiller @oleemamiller @northshorelifeguardassociation @freddyp808 @brooksbaker84 @farbeyondnick @_wanderer_aly and a helpful crew at the restaurant. Ha.


Judging by our #FaceSwap, if #JohnCReilly and I were to clone kids at the same time in the same lab and they somehow cross-pollinated the germination, I'm not sure I'd be at liberty to bring either home. I'd probably convince him that he got a two for one with #FraternalTwins and I was just there checking the place out.

Standing waves at Waimea. And @whoisjob has this thing wired. Fun to be a #RiverRat again after missing it for a few years now. Thanks for the heads up call this morning, @northshorelifeguardassociation! #ShouldIThrowTheBoogieBoardAtHim?! πŸ“½: @shelbymeade

Sometimes you just need one before you end your day. #OneWaveSession before dark last week.

Thank you everyone for all the support this week and throughout a long competitive year of highs and lows. Congrats to @bourezmichel and @kanoaigarashi for a great finish at the #PipeMasters yesterday. Congrats to @john_john_florence for winning the TripleCrown again. And a huge congrats to @jamie_mitcho for winning the @WSL BWWT event at Nazare a few hours ago! Thanks @peterkingphoto for this clip from the other morning when i managed to sneak a couple gems in an otherwise messy lineup before it blew out. @firewiresurfboards @slaterdesigns @outerknown @kswaveco @purps @gopro

Can't believe it's been a year since we put out the first clips from the @kswaveco #SurfRanch. Thank you to everyone on our team that made this decade plus of work and dreaming a reality. I'm still processing the fact that this thing is real and works like we designed it to. Here's a cool little flip book @greenstrype (Adam Green) from Margate, New Jersey made for us from that first day. @outerknown @slaterdesigns @firewiresurfboards @tomo_surfboards #SciFi

Morning has broken.

Slash top from yesterday's #PipeMasters heat. Board felt great so I just wanted to take a minute to thank my partners, teammates and all of our employees at @firewiresurfboards and @slaterdesigns for making this past year such a good one. My boards feel amazing. The feedback from everyone riding them has been incredibly positive. Our #SciFi model went thru the roof like I've never seen any design I've worked on do in all of these years. It's a blast to work with good people on something you love. A special thanks goes out to @travlee, @tomo_surfboards, @stueykennedy, @gregwebber2, @bourezmichel and all our team riders for everything you guys have done and continue to do. Much appreciated. And all the people out there supporting us, we can't thank you enough. Now go shred something. Photo: @chief.teef

Sickest session ever today. Rare to get a day with nobody around at any break on the north shore but it happens occasionally...then all these guys paddle out! #MoreOfThis. #goprohero5

No shame in my selfie game. Working on style points for the #PipeMasters this week. Not sure who made this page but it's always funny and strange to find something like this about yourself online. #RadFreakinHair

In case you missed tonight's sunset.

Always an honor and humbling experience to share the circle at #TheEddie with the craziest crew on earth. Hope we run this year. We had too many winters off before running this past February on #TheBrockSwell. Fingers crossed that we get to see the North Pacific start to light up soon. πŸŒŠπŸ„πŸ½πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸ½ #GoProHero5

My foot (I think) getting pitted. Photo: @bboymaui.

Who didn't love @StarWars as a kid (or adult) and imagine themselves living out parts of the movies (I actually wanted to name my little brother #R2D2 or #C3PO)? I had every toy they ever sold when I was young and it made a huge impact on my imagination. So I'm very proud and honored to have been chosen to be a #ForceForChange and work on a #StarWars campaign! For every Star Wars limited edition T-shirt sold at @Target stores until Dec. 31st, $5 will be given to @UNICEFUSA. Do your part and help be the force for change you want to see in the universe! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸŒŠπŸ„πŸ½πŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒπŸŒžπŸŒšπŸ’«βš‘οΈ


#SaveTheVaquita. How cute are these guys (sans net)? There are only about 60 of these smallest dolphin species on earth left in the ocean and they're all in the NW part of the Sea of Cortez, threatened by gill net fisheries. The fisheries bring in more money than the #Vaquita so the chances are slim to stop the threat and increase the population. I hope I get a chance to see these creatures in the wild in my lifetime. Hopefully someone can create a breeding program to keep the numbers stable until another permanent solution can be figured out by the Mexican government. πŸ˜•πŸ¬

Made it on Jeopardy. πŸ€“#WhatIsπŸ„πŸ½? What is #Wavecombing?

Today is #WhiteRibbonDay, a day to educate and raise awareness about violence against women. The statistics are astounding with 1 in 5 women sexually assaulted on American college campuses and 1 in 3 women experiencing abuse in their lifetime. #BeHerVoice and #BreakTheSilence to #EndTheViolence. @kering_official

Thankful for a lifetime of friendships.

So sick! Envision what you wanna do and go out and do it. Albee halfway thru the first ever completed backside reverse double rotation (or maybe second as I heard a rumor he made one but not on camera). I would call it a backside #DeathSpin or #MoonLanding but he did it so he names it. But I'm sure everyone will argue whether it's a 420, 540, 720, or even a 900. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ½ What's it gonna be, @johnjohn_slater? #☠️πŸŒͺ#SickChopHop

There's a sick irony here with clean water being sprayed on #WaterProtectors in freezing cold weather. I'd consider that mild torture on some level. When a grassroots movement of people with noble intentions for their country, resources, and friends comes together in solidarity against a corporate movement and the government backs the business over people thru militants means, business and govt are simply out of control. It may seem extreme but I've been saying there will be civil war in America in the next 50-100 years. It may be sooner with these types of incidents occurring more and more often. President @barackobama has been awfully quiet on this one. And with a $3B backing in the project, it's a serious battle. But it's David vs Goliath and hopefully a vocal majority can put the humanity and a righteous balance back in the mix.
#Repost @seekthetruth
・・・ Demonstrators protesting against #DakotaAccessPipeline say they are trapped on a bridge as North Dakota police fire tear gas, water cannon and concussion grenades at them, according to live reports on social media.
The demonstration is taking place on Highway 1806, just north of the main protest camp against the pipeline. Officers have deployed water cannon on the protesters in below-freezing temperatures, and are using LRAD sound devices. Earlier, there were reports of rubber bullets fired. Vehicles which appear to be armored humvees have arrived at the scene. A FB Live stream of the incident has been posted by Kevin Gilbertt, who claims protesters are trapped on a bridge and being forced to endure tear gas. β€œThe options are endure the tear gas or trample each other,” Gilbertt says, adding that other protesters are bringing blankets to those trapped on the bridge.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has shared Gilbertt’s feed, adding a message in support of protesters: β€œPresident Obama must take all appropriate measures to protect the safety of the #NativeAmerican protesters and their supporters who have gathered peacefully to oppose construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.” #indigenous #waterislife #NoDAP

Obligatory #SunsetPorn this evening.

New menu sampling at @benjiweatherley's spot, @breakersnorthshore, to start dec 1st. #Opah with grilled lemon and the crispy fries are off the charts. Excited for a new food option to be ready here in #Haleiwa. Any good excuse to eat with all these peeps. πŸ˜ƒπŸŸπŸŸ

So what's the consensus? Did @kevinancell do #ChiefDruku proud or what? Such a beautiful work of art to keep him watching over us in perpetuity here on Tavarua. #RIP RATU SAKIUSA NA DRUKU LALABALAVU 1952-2015

Meant to post this small kine wave slide actually. Fun and no wind for a few minutes today. πŸ“Έ: @jeffroh2o

And now back to our previously scheduled programming...Just saw this again today...@nathan_florence at Teahupo'o. In my opinion, one of the heaviest waves ever successfully paddled. Still baffled he came from this position heading down at the landing lip to ride out of it. Ride of a lifetime. #NeverKnowIfYouDontGo!
Photo: @tim_bonython

Predictions for the next four years below, please. For or against? Will he ruin the environment forever and screw up foreign relations? Will he fix the business environment, increase US production and take care of veterans? So many people truly believe their lives will be affected. I have plenty of friends on both sides of the equation here. I just wish I would have taken the long shot bet and given the money to a charitable cause. Biggest underdog win since Buster Douglas beat Tyson on my birthday back in 1990.

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