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WOW!!!! Last night!!! Thank you @freepeople !! And @fpcolorado !! What an event.. I was blown away and Denver and Boulder, humbled.... We have one of the greatest communities of yogis.. The way you all showed up and received these teachings , gathered and celebrated community..and so much beauty was in collaboration ..@freepeople you are truly one of the greatest companies that I am so honored to work with!!! And have you ever tried @osmiaorganics .. The products blow me away and @pangeaorganics was in the house offering hand massages and the food and again the people!!! Thank You for all of you who showed up, and there were a lot of you!!! Thank you also to @onacrow for her gentle and supportive assuring! And the amazing @chandler_kim and her photography she always captures the beauty , always!!! πŸ™πŸ»

I am strong
because I have been weak
I am fearless
because I have been afraid
I am wise
because I have been foolish.. On sacred winds I ride
a Warriors pride
I carry from within
standing proud and tall
for all what is right
listening to the silence
that echoes the night
I hear the ways spoken
of our ancestors call
and do a Warriors dance
Spiritwind 2014

by Spiritwind Wood. Come join me today if you need to form roots to embrace the Sacred Winds of Change.,, @radiance oy at noon and @yogapodboulder 5:30

Wanna go to Mexico with me?!? Todos Santos @pachamama_mexico with @freepeople @yogascapes and @skinfoodtalk .. Only 2 spots left.,, it is an amazing time to get away.. Drop into a space of healing and pausing as we are starting to build the energy of our walk ..into this new cycle of 2017!! Everytime I drop in and remember .. Oh I'm going to Mexico in 2 weeks.. I start giggling with glee!! It's going to be so spectacular.. Come join us if you feel called !! Link will be in bio🌈

It’s finally here! I’m partnering with my friends at @fpcolorado @freepeople bring you an evening of movement and wellness for their annual #FPLetsMove event tour! Join me as we head to Denver on 1/12 for an Earthways Yoga class I’ll be teaching. Don’t miss out! RSVP and learn more here https://www.facebook.com/events/1707108136269078/#FPLetsMove

New class on the schedule TODAY , Monday at noon at @radiancepy !!! Hope to see you there!!'

"In the morning, everything is new.
The day's blank slate lies before me,
ready for my writing.
May it be words of beauty I write.
May it be deeds of grace I do.
May it be thoughts of joy I think.
All the Holy Ones, Listen;
this is what I pray.
Great Spirits of the Four Realms,
Holy Ones of the Realms of Minds,
Kindreds of Yore,
as I go through the day,
keep my eyes open wide.
May I not miss beauty.
May I not miss joy.
May I not miss wonder.
Keep me awake and aware of the world.
It is my privilege to perform my morning prayers.
It is my honor to do what should be done.
As I rise with the morning, fog lifting slowly for my mind,
I pray not to forget these truths.
- Ceisiwr Serith, Book of Pagan Prayer, p. 126. Teaching today Tula Hot Yoga Denver noon and @amanayoga 5:30.. Honoring the new moonπŸŒ™

This week lets work on making some sense of these dulaoties of the dark and light and bring some balance back to our alignments ... There is so much wisdom in the nature of transition but sometimes our bodies and minds have a tough time playing in the same field and in the same game..so let's learn and feel into where our balance is off so we can realign into our greater wisdom and vision.. See you at @yogapodboulder tonight at 5:30 and Tuesday at 4:15

Welcome Hone to me... I love our Boulder Skies.. I love my home..may you all have many many blessings on this night.. Don't allow the universal calendar got overshadowed by our cultural calendar.. These are days for deepness, stillness and reflectionπŸ”₯🌟πŸ”₯

Please come join Sami Claire and I for poetry and yoga.. 12:30 today at @yogapodboulder !Sami has been in Hawaii for the past year and has dropped home for a moment .. If you have never experienced her spoken word and how we interweave yoga through the experience.. It's quite a uniquely powerful experience.. And it's my birthday today!! I so love what I do and want to celebrate by teaching and being with my community!!

To the New Day that has begun again, I give thanks for another day I get to rise and remember life on this planet is BEAUTIFUL . May you pause before beauty in others on this day!

Oh to be an indoor cat😹Luna would like someone out there to know she is being held hostage in a box and would someone come get her olease😼

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice. Robert Frost

Good Morning from the San Juans!! In the stillness of the morning light a stampede of elk is what can be heard until they stop to pause for the SUN to rise. May we all find these moments to pause in our day today!! Mother Nature, our greatest teacher. That is al. #durango #earthwaysyoga I will be teaching in Durango all weekend if you want to join up reach out and I will let you know where to find us!!

Last class for a whole week!! Meet me today at Yoga Pod at 12:30 for my last class before I head off to Seattle, the land of vibrancy ALIVENESS and lushness!! So excited to be walking the sacred North West for a whole week with my daughters and friend @megalinalewis πŸ’— If I do not see you before I leave I wish you all a great time of gratitude and gratefulness for this life we get to live..I am so grateful for each of you great beings in my life as you have awakened me to thrive in the best way that I know I can..I walk with humbleness with each of you as we continue to grow, learn from our mistakes and rise anyway .. I bow to each of you as we are all doing our work in the best way we know how to do!! Earth Warriors remember you each have wisdom and now share it with another, don't worry about changing the world just share with another! I love you al so so muchπŸ’š

Me in makeup ..Bahahaha makes me want to emotionally eat!! Hysterical!! Had the most fun shooting for @fpcolorado @freepeople with the amazing @chandler_kim ..I mean we had the most fun ever!! Now I will go eat my vegan ice cream!! Then go teach me some yoga! Without the makeup:))

Come join us on Friday at @amanayoga at 5:30 pm for a special yoga class to support the water protectors at Standing Rock. All proceeds will go to Standing Rock. In this Earth Ways Yoga circle we will honor and celebrate the closing of this cycle we have all walked together.. With the coming of the biggest Supermoon since 1948, which is in Taurus, let us gather together, reaffirm community and release this election cycle so that we may rise and show up for ourselves, and our community.
If you’d like to bring a dish or snack to share afterward, we will gather in gratitude for this community.
If you can’t join us but would like to donate to the cause, you can use this link: http://standingrock.org/news/standing-rock-sioux-tribe--dakota-access-pipeline-donation-fund/

Come join me Denver for a FREE Earth Ways yYoga class @freepeople store in Denver , with @wellthily at cherry creek mall, the store is beautiful and spacious..Thursday at 8:30 am!!! I love this company, I love the people and obviously I love the clothes.. And their yoga clothes are really awesome!! I'm so so excited to be going to Todos Santos in January with @freepeople , @yogascapes and @skinfoodtalk for retreat!! You should come too!! I'm ready now though!!:) hope to see you there!!

I just returned from sitting with my Native Teacher this weekend as we are building EarthWays Teachers Training.. Of course it's ALWAYS a humbling experience to sit with your mentor, that is why we have mentors..but one of the key elements that came out of this weekend is what is Earth Ways Yoga? Through yoga it's a bridge of bringing and connecting human and Nature together in a cohesive way as to support healing of both human and Nature. And as I have arrived back to Boulder , dropping back into this community I sat on the mountain today and WOW... You can feel the collective prayers, outrage and finally an uprising as to how we can take action.. It is vibrating , let me tell you... Tonight may we pray through our yoga, our community and collective, as we offer prayers through the WATERS.. To the people standing... But when you can offer in these layered ways of support.. in these ways, as well as building alters to ask through the environmental beings how you can help them, it's a more supported way of doing your work ( sending supplies, making calls, joining organizations) and less aggressive .. We have had enough of that.. When you can understand how to build alliances of support as to do the righteous work that needs to be done.. YOU need to constantly be clearing , doing your work to balance so we can rise in a greater way to work together.. So come join me this week.. Cause we will be working with Water ALL week..:) possibly honoring the directions.. You let me know what you need and we will move together to rise!! Thank you for listening! @yogapodboulder at 5:30, Tuesday 4:15! Wednesday @radiancepy 5:45, Thursday @integralcenter 5:30 @amanayoga Friday 5:30!!!

Busy at work:)) today @cncorl @kimbahomer and Kelly Kessen and I worked hard on the creation of Earth Ways Teachers Training 2017!!!! It's becoming REAL!!!' It's amazing what you can do with many pots of mate, animals, alters and creative beautiful beings to inspire a training based on healing !!!

Just because.. It's cute.. And we all need a little cute ..we all need a little loveπŸ’—Luna and Oli 4-EVA

Morning Walk... As the fall is embracing itself and shifts are still making their selves known, the abundances of the flowers are still honoring their strengths..it's beautifully deceiving sometimes..it just comes down to , we know nothing.. So can we just know right now. Soak up the beauty my friends , its abundant today

@jaykraemermusic and myself today at @yogapodboulder at 12:30.. It's always a journey to create with this man!! 🌈 Come join us today!!!

I am truly humbled to announce the first official Earth Ways Yoga Teachers Training!!! It's a 6 month journey with me , my Native Teacher , Trudy Welty ,Kelly Kessen , 5 Element Acupuncturist and Director of Anatomy , the amazing Chris Corl and Kimba Homer as well..we will be working with your own personal healing as a way of your evolution as teacher and healer in this world over a six month period to work with the layers of your healing and rising into your great capacity to be the very best version of you in all facets in your life! This TT is probably why I have had to walk my life the way I have so I can present this now at this time to you...this has been a very long , outstanding , incredibly humbling and hard journey for me to be here, working in these ways.. And to tell you the truth I did not want to do a TT at all.. This is the truth, over 4 years of people asking me,"when are you doing a TT?" And I said " never" :) until 7 students in one week that said to me " but you are my teacher " so I had to hear the call and this is what has evolved out of my 10 years as a teacher and my personal healing evolution through the native ways and yoga... If you are a sensitive and know this is your time to rise in these ways, join us!! reach out if you want to know more !!!! www.katemulheron.com

La Luna Lynx wishes you a very happy new moon in Libra.. She's ready.. Are you?? This has been such an important eclipse and fall equinox season of significant changes to your emotional well being, your physical health and your brand new spiritual awakening and alignment .. This moon is truly significant , please take sacred time to truly be with the intentions that your soul alignment is calling in.. I will be at Amana at 5:30 tonight to work with yoga to clear your vessel and we will end practice with the 7 directions of honoring your new moon intentions.. Come join us.. I love when community comes together to pause in these beautiful moments of Mother Nature!

Being a yoga teacher, you do your stellar work on the weekends , and then on Monday you get the beach to yourself, ahhh.. It's a great life to live

Good Night from Laguna..continue to fill yourself up with equinox blessings to prepare for our time of going within..,so much abundance we haveπŸπŸ‚πŸ

So grateful and excited to be traveling with @freepeople , @yogascapes in January to retreat in Baja !!! Beyond excited to lead their #FPEscapes retreat to Todos Santos, Mexico this January: Reset, Rejuvenate, and Rebalance in Baja β˜€οΈ The week-long adventure includes 6 nights’ stay at @pachamama_mexico, daily honoring of directions into a 2.5 hour Earth Ways Yoga Journey with yours truly, :) a @SkinFoodTalk curated menu & natural beauty workshops + so much more! Link in bio to learn about this once-in-a-lifetime retreat!
Retreat URL: www.freepeople.com/fpescapes-todos-santos-mexico

The colors, the magic, the transitions are all so very much ALIVE right in this moment of time..if you don't like change then this season could be extra challenging;) the deep presence of Mother Earth and her magic with Father Sky and his incredible way of realigning our paths and work in this world..may you start to feel the slow down and embrace the beauty you choose to walk with today!! There is so much of it everywhere!! Teaching at Yoga Pod Boulder at 4:15 today and Wednesday at Radiance at 5:45 then off to California!!

My hike yesterday with my dear friend @kimbahomer .. A true pot of gold at the end of the rainbow... It's a great life we live.,sometimes we just forget and then you get a big big reminder of life is fucking beautiful!!

I mean..how come this makes me so so happy.. Books.. Real live historic bound words of love

Workshops at Ra Yoga in Newport and Costa Mesa September 25,26th!! Can't wait to be with my California Family:)) photo by Cary Jobe Photography!

This man on a Friday morning in the mountains with tea.. I mean.. My life.. Have you ever heard Jay play.. He is a lightworker with his music.. Really!! @jaykraemermusic

A Friend , A Lake and A Rainbow. Life is precious.

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