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"Her world was a mess, so she lost herself in a wonderland of madness." ~Alice in Wonderland
Muse Management Portland||FreePeople Stylist

Was oriented with @musemanagement this morning, had an amazing vegan burger at Yard House, and found some treasures at Powell's City of Books. (All fantasy books of course) πŸ“šπŸ˜‹

Ready to kick this weekends butt, starting with a spanish exam and ending with exiting things in Portland. Lets do this. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š
Photographer and stylist: @brillaco
@fppacificnw #fpme

Back to "reality" after a three day weekend. Looking at the upcoming week like....πŸ˜‘ @fppacificnw #fpme

Ready to get moving with a workout after a busy day! As well to celebrate that tomorrow is a free day! ❀
Photographer and stylist: @brillaco
@fppacificnw #fpme

Fell in love with these sunnies!πŸ•Ά
@amy.paine @fppacificnw

I think this might be my favourite from yesterdays shootπŸ’₯
Photographer: @amy.paine
Styled by: @_nikkicloud_
@fppacificnw @freepeople #fpme

Had a blast shooting with @amy.paine and @_nikkicloud_ πŸ’– #fpme

Amazing concert to bring in the new year! Such an inspiration to make 2017 as epic as this show was. The violinist on the left of the first video just made one of my resolutions to be to practice violin more. 🎼🎻 (Also, what is the name of the first song?!)

Great way to start the New Year! My first Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert, my first vinyl(last vinyl they had), and inspired to make 2017 epic. πŸŽ†

Right after whipping outβ›„πŸŽ„

"I had eyes that cut through lies, I had lungs that breathed eternity. Felt I'd lived my whole wretched life just to prepare me for that moment." ~Clara, in Byzantium
Thank you @ctiara3 for this epic shot!

Had to get the bestie in πŸ˜™ @aliistolttz
Thank you @ctiara3 for such a fun shoot!

Thursday vibes 🎼
Song: Metamorphosis 1, by Bruce Brubaker and Philip Glass

One more picture of this dress for good measure....also I couldn't pick between the photos so I'm posting bothπŸ˜‹
#fpme #guildedlacemini #heffnermanagement

Lace and faux fur❀
#fpme #guildedlacemini

Jordy wanted to take pictures of us in our Christmas jammies last night. I'm pretty sure this one was the winner. πŸ˜‹

Little did we know, there was a cracker thief in our midst. πŸ›€
#somanybubbles #hastag


One of my favourite places in Florida, St. Augustine. 🌴

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Introduced this amazing soul to Free People! @aliistolttz
#fpme #freepeople

"Too much dreamer, not enough reality." They said "You'll never make it in the world with a mind like that."
I said "I may never make it in your world, but in my world, I am free".

There will probably be more FP photos to come, but this is the one I'm posting for now! Haha
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Feeling very Stranger Things with @keeliobrien and @celi_official
Thank you @erinroseofficial for an awesome shoot!
#fpme #freepeople #pnw #seattlemodels

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper" ~Unkown

Thanks to @nekovilln for a great photoshoot, and also to @talledegaknight for being an awesome friend and braving the weather and Seattle traffic with me!
#seattlemodels #heffnerscoutme #iamsmg #miamimodels #pnw #floridamodels

"The little girl just could not sleep
Because her thoughts were way too deep
Her mind had gone out for a stroll
And fallen down a rabbit hole."
~Alice in Wonderland
#pnw #seattle #ghost #lightphotography

Monday morning inspiration. #freepeople #fpme #pnw

The people that I resonate most with, are the people who have the ability to think so freely that they see the magic and fantasy in everything. The ability to see fantasy worlds within our own reality is a gift that should not be taken for granted. (Photography from the walls at Lucky Strike)

Feeling like a bawse in my FP sweater and necklace 😎 Thank you to @gabrielleannlarsen for an amazing shoot! #fpme
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Salvator is finally in his new home, and he couldn't stop staring at his own reflection. I just gave him food, and he is swimming around the tank, following me around the room, trying to guilt me into giving him more. Not today Salvator, not today. 🐟🏰😊

🏰 Dreaming of adventures far beyond my reach 🏰
@fppacificnw #fpme

Feeling very Devil Wears Prada meets Free People today. @fppacificnw

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