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@zeredbassett Z is a fukin G part is live on @berrics and new break point colarway is about to drop on yer face ! Yes πŸ’―β€οΈ @converse_cons πŸ“· @rube_

The wheel jesus in baby form. Baby G

The world is full of crashing bores .
Learning to unlock my iphone 6 with my lips.

Merc mouth πŸ‘„ 2 πŸ‘„

Vegas was lit af .
I love you @boysofsummervideo
See you every summer forever!

Heal flip dawg. #dogsburger

How i felt when i got the new @theskateboardmag and saw the cover !thank you from my body and heart πŸ’―β€οΈοΈfor life @rube_ @converse_cons @berrics @theskateboardmag πŸ“Ή@dafnoah

Jr. lifeguards canceled.

Full moon prep.

Donky alert weekend mood.

Miss you homie πŸ’”!!!!! Lucky fukr you got too wheelie outta this world . Loud proud draw a crowd for life !
#p16family #thejew πŸ’” adam @thejew πŸ™πŸ½ R.I.P.

Fukin ehhh jay adams for life !!!

Ghost animal ride da whip .
#michealface #callme #rescuedogswerkforit

@riseskateshopfortwayne πŸ’―turnout skateboarding success β€οΈβœ”οΈ

Weekend vibe ... Get a room .
@skiduls @brixton @converse_cons

Feel the burn homie! Represent !
#cholosquats #boooooomhomie 🎭 #pumpsquat @masmejor #dryhump

Stretch out and wait..

Current mood left handed capricorn

"New school, old school ,no school "
-steve olson
Thug boat looks like a chuck
Knucks n chucks , chucks n knucks
#watsonville πŸ“

@breezebloccloc pool party

Life is hard , this is harder welcome to the comfort zone ! ! @twistthewrist @blakeular πŸ’―β€οΈ
πŸ“Ή @thekillatapes @santacruzskateboards #blakesheffeyreincarnate

LA was lit !!!! πŸ“Ή crispin glover
#BIGVGV #LAPRIMERALIVES #Frogtown #riversedge
Great freedom weekend !! @Powerplantmotorcycles

Recap to mind sack
One star tour @converse_cons
In backround are @rube_ @mikeanderson cameos πŸ“Ή @richard_quintero #spiritanimal #humankindness

Brad pitt is all if we go to born free i jus wanna say i dont like triumphs or brit bikes .im like me either ! duh brad ! Panheads n fxrs thats our fav ! Bff at bf8.πŸ“· @paisleyskye_ #legendsofthefall #lastbornfreeforme #bradpittisoverit #guyinyellowshirtisoverit #bf8

Once again love wins ! You had me at my c-section .. We still broke up #dropthiskidoffatfiredeptnoquestionsasked
#bonerpunch #titcram #eyesstillopen

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