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The @santacruzskateboards Lakeland edit just went live on the SC YouTube. Go check it out 😎

🆙 and over with @nickseib @killerskatepark yesterday!

Few clips from where I skated Sixth Ave the other night 🎥 @josephbinkley138 @dadcam

The Santa Cruz Midwest Tour is up on the @berrics, if you haven't see it yet, go watch it! Featuring @emangrizzle1 @riley__vaughn @dylanthedr @blakeular @twistthewrist @8ballr @ericdressen @ibeborden @kevinbrotherbraun @tomasta @jasonjessee

The Santa Cruz Berrics Tour video is now live! Here is a trailer of some of the madness 🔥Check it out @berrics

Little line from Sixth Ave the other night. 📹 creds go to @pileoshet

Summer dreaming..... @woodwardcamp summer 2015 📷 @iankline

FSO @spottampa during TampaAm on the @converse_cons concrete. Rad photo by @robcollinsphoto Thanks to @santacruzskateboards and @converse_cons for helping me get there.

Happy Thanksgiving from Tennessee!!! 🍴🍗🍴🍗

Few clips from the new Bro Bowl during Tampa Am.

Live broadcast today on @sls @spottampa website. Jam 15.

Friday night sesh at Two Rivers in Nashville. @thafonzz @nollienow @josephbinkley138 and a few others lost in insta space 🚀 all killing it. Good times!!! All rights reserved to Three 6 Mafia for Stay Fly and to @thafonzz for the edit.

Fall break Milton and Panama City, FL. 🎥 @josephbinkley138

Jona @hazardcountyskatepark giving back. He would like to see this spread to all parks.

Don't know where this photo came from but it was during the Santa Cruz Midwest Tour. Thanks for the good times @santacruzskateboards and all the others that help me out @brixton @independenttrucks @franklinskateshop @ojwheels @hazardcountyskatepark @bronsonspeedco @converse_cons #louisville #jakewooten #santacruzskateboard #skate #louisvilleextremepark

Will be a good one for sure... #SantaCruzSkateboards come check it out!

Add me on snapchat @jakewhosk8s

Practice at HB. Thanks for the good times @vansparkseries @boardr

Last one I promise...

Live webcast vansparkseries.com jam 18 @vansparkseries

Goodbuddies and good times

Today was a good day. Get Rad for Ray Underhill!!! Thanks for putting on the event and ruling @tonyhawk and thanks for the photo @gonzthedog

Night session before Get Rad For Ray! Thanks for the video @nateilardi @boardr

Pre BDay sesh @ Lyles. Finally 16!!! Thanks for the 🎥 and tricks @josephbinkley138 and thanks for the cake, sandwiches and ramp session @ Lyle!!!!

Heavy session today.

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