Jacob Rovelli

Jacob Rovelli @jacobrovelli

Would you like that on the rocks?


Happy birthday Zach, always use protection. @_zachmcbride

Had a great night last night. Good job boys. #alligatorsuitcases @johnathanmckenzie @erikostos @woodencamera @alltherest

@riksquaddd and I skated today before work.

Sound on sound was awesome 🎥: @pauikim #strfkr

When your homie is famous @kegstnd

Batwoman and Catman

It was nice knowing you Glenn #thewalkingdead #theykilledglenn

''Tis the season #Halloween #pumpkin

Will chocolate taste the same? #rip #genewilder

Happy birthday @_tony_gomez

Before the cops came🚨🚔


My friend @_tony_gomez

Feliz uno años @melissaporter

Let's get it

Great trip, everyone killed it. #sk8rs

Later Albuquerque🌵☀️🦂 @overballs @johnpankus @_tony_gomez

Eye am watching you #acrylic

Filmed by @gfarm

Painting of @_tony_gomez photo by @keegan.mccutchen

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