Jacob Harris

Jacob Harris @jacobelliottharris


'Giant baby, the kind I like to meet' come watch this tonight if you're around 👶🏼💪🍺 @casperbrooker

'Whose round is it then?' #massivegeeza

Getting happy at the last chance saloon once again 🐴🍺⬇️

Casper 🆒🆕🆓 part!!! Delivering to computers everywhere Tuesday 🔴👶🏼🔴 @freeskatemag @casperbrooker

Happy belated Berlin birthday to me 🇩🇪🙊

Live on @thrashermag now 🐠

As merry as the days were long, I was right and you were wrong 🎅🏽

Clip made with @isleskateboards (in Italy) coming sometime next year 🌍

Happy yester-birthday to this steamboat. Slowmo last night 👶⏪⏪

⏩⏩ new things quite soon

Nerd conference



Gone like the smoke, gone like this song 😢



Sometimes ouch 😲



Saint Diego 🍾



London's loss will be Germany's loss too 😘👋 you will be missed @danielmclarke

Better believe it 💰💦💦

Belated congratulations on turning pro. @chris_jones in LA 2015 barking up @t0mkn0x 's tree 🙈🙏🙈

Can't communicate how great the work these two do is. Thanks for a really great time boys. Visit Palestine!! @skate_pal

Final falafel 🌞 👋 Palestine

Snack attack



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