Eric Palozzolo

Eric Palozzolo @instapizzle

@santacruzskateboards 📸 / 🏠SF

HBD 🎂🍰 @jasonjessee

@kevinbrotherbraun nollie flip crook in #sf / go check out his video part from #righttoexist live on @santacruzskateboards YouTube 💻 zee link in bio

#righttoexist is now available on iTunes, link in bio / @emangrizzle1 kickflip from narrow to narrow in Louisville, KY

@tomasta switch flip #chicago

@twistthewrist takes it to the top rope in Louisville, KY / go peep his #rawrepetition on @berrics

@ericdressen frontside /#righttoexist tonight at the Rio theatre in Santa Cruz doors open at 8 : video at 9

I ❤️ @santacruzskateboards / #righttoexist tonight at midnight @berrics

#righttoexist at midnight on @berrics / the first @santacruzskateboards video since 2005 🙏🏻🔥✔️ / @8ballr to fakie

🔜#righttoexist / @kevinbrotherbraun backside flip #SF

#righttoexist is coming in 🔥 / @mikeycurtis831 FS 👃🏼 #SF

Looking back at this photo from my first trip with @santacruzskateboards / This was my first time meeting most of the team and getting on the open road. I had no idea that this trip would open up a future for me with the brand. It's hard to express how much joy and happiness this brought me. I'm truly blessed to work for a super sick company with some of my favorite skaters. Love you guys like family. NOW after roughly 11,345 miles we are about to release a full length video #righttoexist stay tuned for it 🔥

Monday's #karlthefog

@aaron_herrington backside nosegrind 180 / as seen in the new @transworldskate

Up ⬆️ @slaelr #sf

Dustin Henry / Wallride #SF

Big Sur mornings ☕️ #bigsur #limekiln

zoom zoom @taylornida #SF

November, CA #shootfilm

↔️ @slaelr #sf

Happy birthday to the man of a 1,000 🍺s, lover of ❤️💛💚, slow dance connoisseur; @twistthewrist . Love ya bud / FS Tailblock at not so brown banks Oakland, CA

In pursuit @jasonjessee

@emangrizzle1 ⬆️ & over to grind / as seen in the new @lowcardmag

Take a seat #highway1

Went 🎣 with @lostincranslation the other day

New York City 1:35 pm / @dickrizzo & @joshwilsonn afternoon commute 🚇/ shot for @theskateboardmag #onedayinskateboarding

July 9th, 2016 5:12pm #NYC / @aaron_herrington boardslide tailgrab for @theskateboardmag #onedayinskateboarding

#takemeback to the open road

@axelcrusher ➡️↙️

Back in the bay with my G @kevinbrotherbraun / Switch FS Flip from his @lowcardmag #sf

Kinky Ducky / go check out @duckkovacs mag min live in @theskateboardmag

@ericdressen tattooing his graphic from the @mobgrip x @independenttrucks colab

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