Set Free

Set Free @iam_setfree

GOD made me a Man x Mind x Maven.

I see these people are trying to make me turn. Just keeping my mind on GOD!!! Live 2 Be Free! @thecompound_

I feel you @myfabolouslife you really can't trust cats now uh days! @thecompound_ approved!

Forgot to through this up on #Yamsday Rest in peace to the Genius! Shouts out @asapmob One of the most genuine people to come through @thecompound_

I see you big homie im not hating or nothing but when is that @supremenewyork @louisvuitton collection dropping? Lol shouts out to @baitme @bait @thecompound_ approved #medicom #1000percent #art #toyz #400percent

Part 2 of my interview with @daveeast as he speaks about being in @slamonline magazine. Full #compoundconversations coming soon! Stay tuned. @thecompound_ #wecreateculture

Don't focus on #Trump focus on JESUS! GOD speed!

Shouts out to @wex1200 for rocking my #Freedom shirt! #live2befree @thecompound_ Approved! Photo by @oscar_castillo!

#CompoundConversations coming soon check out Part 1 of my interview with @daveeast about Basketball & HipHop! Shouts out to @wayno119 #triangleoffense @slamonline #wecreateculture @thecompound_

Go checkout my young boah @millyz new record #Lessons in his bio! Putting the plan together!

Just linked up with the youngin @masonplumlee @portlandtrailblazer after the game to talk art!' Sports is art! He's @thecompound_ approved

This guy told me I had a professional point @brucecarbone @defjamrecords offices. He's one of the greatest guys that's not really great lol!

When @thecompound_ connects art & sports you get gifts! Shout out to @masonplumlee @portlandtrailblazer. We got a lot more art projects to do! Thank for the game worn jersey! #wecreateculture

2am last night! @thecompound_ x @theheavyhitters x ??????! Putting the plan together!

Today was a good day! Shouts out to #IceCube lol

With my bruh @djenuff at @hot97. I'm so jealous right now need these @serato tone controllers for @thecompound_!

Shout out to my brothers. @daveeast @wayno119 . When people tell you they appreciate your work it's a honor! New New York Movement! @thecompound_ x #TriangleOffense Micky mouse is down with the squad!

Focused on GOD. GOD bless! @thecompound_photo by @go2deuce

GOD I ask you please guide my steps! GOD speed!

We giving out Free Diamonds in the hood lol shouts out to @djdiamondkuts putting the plan together!

Three different beats of life! @djclarkkent @iam_setfree @jahlilbeats! @thecompound_ if we wasn't in the culture things would have been different! #wecreateculture

When you tired as hell but you have to stop by the studio to see my nephew @asaprocky and my brother @chace_infinite. Always working!

Everything is about timing me and @asapferg putting the plan together . Shouts out to @asvpxvnst in cut with the Jordan ones on! @asapmob

At the Martin Luther King day helping the community with my partner Ryan the cobbler and the @phillies mascot! Helping helps the soul.

Doing MLK day of service. Helping helps the soul

It was a good run but the NFL pulled out the plug with that holding call! I'm off this

@thecompound_ is looking for PR for special projects and artist!

I don't know what high fashion has to do with a celo game but @therealkiss keep saying that before he hit a high number Lol! Dice game with friends @kay_rosewood @MILLYZ @showupl This is a good week lol!

I will take one more question I have to get ready for the Chiefs game! You in the back!

Shouts out to @hypebeast for sending this through and adding this to the @thecompound_ collection! Stay tuned we putting the plan together!

New gifts for @thecompound_ @adidas #NMD @mastermindjapan_official and @real_lox SnapBack #securethebagšŸ’° shouts out to the connect! White 8 ball not included!

Late night with the Fam @asapferg @asaprocky and my brother @chace_infinite we putting the plan together! @asapmob #wecreateculture

Hooked up with my Og #rosenberg and he gave me some great advice. Can't wait to active what I learned. @shadyrecords GOD is good!

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