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One of the largest producers of beer tap handles in the United States doesn't outsource its labor. From start to finish, AJS Tap Handles designs and produces custom work out of Random Lake, Wisconsin. With more than one million tap handles shipped each year, AJS is doing its part to entice you to try that unfamiliar new beer.🍺
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Wait for it … 🌟🌟🌟
aaand meet the man behind the Mario magic (or at least that unforgettable voice) in our latest Great Big Story! (link in bio ... per usual)

Few people appreciate grass the way Dan Harvey and Heather Ackroyd do. And yet their art can stop you in your tracks. By manipulating the natural processes that fuel life itself, these British artists blur the line between science, nature and art, all while drawing attention to climate change. #art #process #nature #linkinbio

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"It’s not just the end, we’re not putting our rockets in the barn and closing the door. We’re just beginning to understand and accept the challenges that this universe has for us.” - Astronaut Gene Cernan 🚀✨
Thanks for taking us to the moon and back, Gene. We'll miss you.

An important reminder today and always. #MLKDay

Each year, Haifa, Israel, plays host to a beauty pageant. But the contestants aren't what you'd expect. Each one is a Holocaust survivor. And last year's winner—84 year-old Rita Berkowitz—is set to pass her crown on to the new queen. This pageant has had critics who claim that the event sensationalizes the suffering of the participants, but Rita doesn't see it that way. For her, the pageant is a way for survivors from all over Israel to come together and celebrate being alive.

#Haifa #Israel #beautypageant #survivor #linkinbio

Wahoo! Next week, we meet the famous voice behind everyone's favorite mushroom-loving Italian plumber. #staytuned 🍄

Simon Beck is an artist who specializes in grand, geometric murals created by thousands of individual footprints across freshly laid snow. The murals take over 10 hours and 40,000 steps to complete, and in order to really see them you have to take to the skies. Buckle in.❄ #art #process #snowart #murals #snow

During the dark winter months in Finland, one man fills the night with light. Hannu Huhtamo (@hannuhuhtamo) is a light painter. The artist takes long exposure photographs and uses flashlights and other simple tools to transform dark and sometimes forgotten places into magical new worlds—no Photoshop required.💡#linkinbio

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#art #lightart #photography #longexposure #Finland

When he was young, Kyle Maynard's (@kylemaynard) dream was to become a professional athlete. Born with a condition that left him without legs or arms, Kyle never stopped pursuing that goal. In high school, he was a champion wrestler at the state level. In his 20s, he became an MMA fighter and opened his own CrossFit gym. Now, he climbs some of the tallest mountains in the world. NBD.

#fitness #inspiration #mountaineer #climbing

"Music is really powerful, both in itself and what it can do for you outside of music," says Elisabeth Njoroge. Ghetto Classics—a music education program based in one of the largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya—proves that every day. In 2008, Njoroge founded the program, which teaches children classical music in a place where arts opportunities are few and far between. With 600 weekly students and a full range of instruments, Ghetto Classics has created an inclusive educational space for the community.

#Nairobi #Kenya #music #education #GhettoClassics #Korogocho #classicalmusic

For more than 50 years, Baltazar Ushca Tenesaca has been ascending Ecuador's tallest mountain to harvest glacial ice. At one time, there were 40 or so ice merchants who made the daily trek up the active volcano. But now, only Ushca continues this 500-year-old tradition.

#Ecuador #Chimborazo #iceharvester #glacial

Beneath the streets of Stockholm is the world’s longest art gallery, a 68 mile cavern of culture exhibiting over 150 artists. It also happens to be a metro system that carries over a million people a day, turning the morning commute into something truly inspiring.

#Stockholm #Sweden #art #publicart #metro #subwayart

In the colder regions of the world, teams of men and women prepare for a battle against the elements ... and each other. What is this form of frigid weather fighting, you ask? They call it Yukigassen. In Japanese, this translates to “snow war” In other words, get ready for a snowball fight unlike any you've seen before. —
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Kristin Finley had a comfortable life in Los Angeles with a stable job, a decent salary and solid benefits. But everything changed when she took her first trapeze class. She loved it so much that she decided to—quite literally—run away and join the circus. Now, she's living her dream at dizzying new heights.

#trapeze #circus #circusarts #aerialist #acrobatics

Adventure photographer Chris Burkard is an expert at photographing surfers who ride the coldest, most punishing waves on the planet. He's used to battling the elements in order to get the perfect shot, but one fateful storm in Iceland nearly broke him. Still, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture an epic adventure under the greatest light show on earth. (📷 @chrisburkard)

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This is Charles, a 27-year-old San Esteban chuckwalla. These lizards are native to San Esteban Island, a small island in the Gulf of California, Mexico. They are well adapted for desert life, thriving in hot, arid climates, and bearing a unique coloration that serves as critical camouflage from predators. Unfortunately, their species is endangered due to hunting, the pet trade and invasive feral animals that prey on their eggs.

#OnTheBrink #SanEsteban #chuckwalla #lizard #endangered #wildlife #nature #conservation

In Japan, women are not traditionally trained to become sushi masters. Myths persist that women’s hands are too warm for raw fish, their makeup will block their sense of smell and their menstrual cycles affect their sense of taste. Nadeshiko Sushi is challenging all of that with Japan’s first and only all-female sushi restaurant in Tokyo. @allnipponairways_official introduces us to the seven women who are reinventing Japanese sushi. #sushi #Japan #Nadeshiko #tradition #ANAMOMENTS

In caves that are 30 million years old and 150 feet underground, an unforgettable sight glows in the dark. The Waitomo Caves in New Zealand are home to around 30,000 endemic glowworms. The worms spend their days spinning silk nests from the ceilings and lowering threads to lure their prey, much like a spider. The luminescent beadlike strings are spellbinding.

#Uncharted #travel #roundtheworld #explore #glowworms #Waitomo #caves #NewZealand

Clowns: love them or hate ‘em, their funny faces are serious business. So serious, in fact, that in England there’s an official registry to document each clown’s unique makeup. Just as no two people share the same look, no two clowns wear the exact same makeup. Welcome to the Clown Egg Registry, a collection of every single clown’s face in all of the United Kingdom. No joke—there’s even an artist responsible for painting each face onto tiny ceramic eggs to immortalize each clown's distinct personality and style.

#clowns #ClownsInternational #art #Somerset #England

The women of Nadeshiko Sushi make a mean plate of sushi. To do it, they’ve had to take on ancient myths and stereotypes that persist in Japanese culture and prevent women from becoming sushi masters. Watch them take a bite out of an old, outdated tradition. #sushi #Japan #Nadeshiko #ANAMOMENTS

This Great Big Story was made in partnership with @allnipponairways_official.

In Costa Rica, a team of researchers are developing life-saving remedies —with the help of 500 venomous snakes. The Clodomiro Picado Institute is among only a handful of labs responsible for producing a majority of the world’s antivenins. For the roughly one million people bitten by venomous snakes every year, their work is critical, producing over 100,000 vials of their antidote every year.🐍 #snakes #venomous #serpentarium #SanJose #CostaRica

Iceland is an island of climactic extremes. Every year, tourists and citizens alike are caught off-guard by rapidly changing weather. That's where the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICESAR) comes in. The volunteer group is dedicated to saving people from life-threatening situations caused by extreme conditions.

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Growing up, Khoudia Diop (@melaniin.goddess) didn’t see her skin tone represented on any of the faces in movies, TV or magazines. Steeped in an industry that overemphasizes fair skin tones and a culture where skin bleaching products continue to dominate the beauty market, Khoudia was constantly bullied for her appearance as a young girl, sometimes enough to keep her from going to school. Today, she is using her platform as a model and Instagram star to expand the definition of beauty and help instill pride in other young girls to love themselves exactly as they are.
#fashion #beauty #melaningoddess

Everyday, Joseph Sekar feeds the 8,000 parakeets that land on the roof of his camera repair shop in Chennai, India. After a 2006 tsunami displaced thousands of birds, Sekar noticed a rare pair of parakeets perched outside his home. He set out food for them, and over time, the birds multiplied. Today, the "Birdman of Chennai" continues to care for these birds out of kindness and a sense of paternal affection, spending 40% of his income on their care. For Sekar, there's no more joy than to see birds fly.

#birds #parakeets #Chennai #India #birdman

Let's do this 2017. Happy New Year everyone! 🎉

Skiing is pedestrian. Why not up the ante? Maybe add a galloping horse? Welcome to the sport of skijoring. Meet rider Richard Weber III, skier Darin Anderson and their horses Derby and Prince as they pummel the snowy streets of Red River, NM, during a skijoring competition.🐎 #skijoring #skiing #horses #extreme #sports #equestrian

Siggi Rafn Hilmarsson is an Icelandic baker with an unconventional oven. He specializes in hverabraud, a traditional Icelandic rye bread that is baked by burying dough 16 inches underground where it is naturally heated by the nearby volcanic hot springs. That's right, he makes bread baked by LAVA.🔥👌 #Iceland #lava #baking #GreatBigStory

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This is Carme, a red ruffed lemur. Her world is small and it’s shrinking daily. Of the hundreds of species of lemurs in Madagascar, the red ruffed lemur is among the most endangered. The rainforests they call home are highly valued for their beautiful rosewood and ebony trees, and they're being harvested at an alarming rate. Conservationists estimate that there are only three to five thousand of these creatures left in the wild.

#OnTheBrink #lemur #redruffedlemur #Madagascar #endangered #wildlife #nature #conservation #linkinbio

Thirteen years ago, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg pledged to take on a seemingly impossible task—to fly around the world in an entirely solar-powered plane. In June 2015, after years of battling harsh weather conditions and failed attempts, their dream finally took flight. Thanks to these two pioneering pilots, the Solar Impulse’s record-setting journey helps usher in an aviation future free of fossil fuels and pollution. #linkinbio

Want even more AMAZING stories about humans in the great outdoors? We’ve teamed up with @WeatherChannel for our first television series, and we’re calling it “That’s Amazing.” Tune in this Sunday at 9pm on The Weather Channel for the next episode.

In Ghana, Anang Kwei and his children help the families of the deceased celebrate the lives of their loved ones with custom-made, handcrafted coffins. And when we say custom-made, we mean *custom*. From colorful fish to cars and carpentry tools, the Kweis will create an exquisitely crafted fantasy coffin to help celebrate and cherish the life that was.
#art #handcrafted #process #Ghana #linkinbio

This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis.

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In our fourth *Really* Great Big Story, we’re going small ... *really* small. This is the story of how the sea monkey, a tiny, magical creature, was transformed into a massive cultural phenomenon. All you have to do is ‘Just Add Water.’

In 1960, inventor, marketing genius and complicated eccentric Harold von Braunhart discovered the sea monkey and turned the unlikely creature into a sensation. This wild and colorful short film by Penny Lane explores a half-century of marketing directly to children, the force of nostalgia in pop culture and the meeting of flim-flam and hard science. Visit the link in our bio for the whole documentary, or watch us on your BIG screen via Apple TV or Roku!

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