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Frank Haasnoot @frankhaasnoot

World Pastry Champion | Chef Patissier at The Peninsula Hong Kong.

Good to be back in Paris! Thanks @christophe_michalak for the amazing pastries! #pastries #paris #boutique #chocolate #patisserie

Chocolate sticks, made with dark and orange chocolate.

Redfruit and Coconut Entremet with beautiful strawberry from Korea and Cherries from Tasmania.

Thanks for the amazing lunch @rchaneton I will definitely visit @restaurant_petrus again. See you soon.

Set lunch dessert Gaddi's #peninsulahongkong. Coconut, Yuzu Mille-feuille with banana/mango compote and sorbet of exotic fruit

Soft cheese cake. Photography by @adindadeboer

Time to break the ice. The ice dome is made infused with tarragon and lemon. Dessert 2016

Looking cool with chocolate sunglasses for our VIP guest. πŸ•ΆπŸ«πŸ˜Ž

Just received a copy of @jasonlicker his first book! LICKERLAND.
Cool book on Asian-accented desserts, Thanks and congrats!!!!!!!

Chocolate butterflies in the making.

Black forest petit gateaux. Or how we would call it in Holland schwarzwΓ€lder kirsch. #frankhaasnoot #peninsulahongkong #discoverhongkong

Just hit 200.000 followers. Thx a lot!!!!!!

Clementine sorbet the finishing touch on our plated dessert. πŸπŸŠπŸ‹πŸŒ±#frankhaasnoot #peninsulahongkong #haasnoot

Getting ready Chinese New Year. Visit our boutique for some new pastries.

Happy New Year, and may the force be with you!! Made by my talented colleague @wilson201lai

Festive chocolate amenity. πŸ πŸ”πŸŒ²πŸ«πŸŽ„#frankhaasnoot #discoverhongkong #haasnoot #patissier #peninsulahongkong #chocolate

Chocolate sea shells. Same technique as one of my previous video, only change of tool and movement. #frankhaasnoot #peninsulahongkong #discoverhongkong #haasnoot #chocolate

For the last day of the 7 day challenge I would love to say πŸ™πŸ» to @paulkennedysavour for inviting me. Hereby I present my Buche Noel that I created around 5 years ago. For the last day I invite my colleague @xavier_boyer to take the challenge. Xavier are you up for it!?

For the 6th day of the 7 day challenge I present you with a Christmas pastry that I made in the past. Thanks for inviting me to join the challenge @paulkennedysavour .Today I like to invite a great chef that is based in the Netherlands. I love his clean style and playfulness in the dishes. @mauritslatour do you take the challenge?

For the fifth day of the 7 day challenge which I was invited by my friend @paulkennedysavour. I present you with a plated dessert that I created for @silikomartprofessional with the use of the quenelle mould. Hereby I like to invite the HK based pastry chef and drinking buddy @jasonlicker who BTW just published his new book. Jason are you up to it?

For the fourth day of the 7 day challenge. I present a cake that I designed for a photoshoot while working for Dobla. I used the same mould when competing in my first WCM competition in 2007. That year @marijncoertjens was one of the competitors as well. Marijn is now in the middle of opening his boutique in Belgium, so I like to invite Marijn to join the challenge.

For the third day of the 7 day challenge, I present to you the Cassis and Yuzu roulade. I made this pastry several years ago, however I still love the design of it.
Hereby I invite the creative Hong Kong based @nicolas_lambert to showcase his work in the next 7 days. Are you up to it Nicolas?

For the second day I post this image of my winning showpiece during the World Chocolate Masters in 2011. So for the #2 day of the #7 day challenge I like to invite the young and gifted @robin_hoedjes. my former pastry sous chef, and assistant for @worldchocolatemasters Robin do you accept the challenge?

The talented @paulkennedysavour invited me to share photos of my work in the 7 day challenge. Hereby I invite @alexisbouillet to take the challenge. The cake that I'm posting is a cake where the two of us worked on together in our time in Taipei. Alexis do you except the challenge?

Chocolate Cinnamon Sticks. Simple way to create life like cinnamon sticks. Amazing treat for the festive season.

Chiboust of Yuzu, Champagne jelly, Fresh mandarin and Dill sorbet photography by @adindadeboer

Classic technique that I learned as a apprentice back in Holland, still love to use it. Never gets old.#frankhaasnoot #peninsulahongkong #discoverhongkong #chocolate #haasnoot

Terragon Apple, Yuzu, Mandarin dessert photography by @adindadeboer

Soon at Gaddi's, Warm chocolate soufflΓ© tart with dark chocolate ice-cream. #PeninsulaHongKong #frankhaasnoot #haasnoot #chocolate

Peony chocolate rose in the making. It's similar to the roses I normally make, only this time I use a different cutter.

Chocolate Textures.

Summer leaf πŸƒ Shiso, Clementine, Mascarpone. Photography by @adindadeboer

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