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Well, you see, it's one of them ones where... it's a bit of a mad ting still.

Just a little hopeful #Anberlin chorus for y'all this evening.

Probably the most difficult & dense book I've read cover to cover but full of amazing truths. It's one of those "textbooks" I'm gonna keep around and refer back to.
Best quote ->"The true definition of science is this: The study of the beauty of the world." #bookstagram

Outside the U.S Embassy.

In recent months and owing a lot to my year in Philadelphia I've been learning to put my body in spaces that are in line with my beliefs and my Christian faith. Outside the US Embassy tonight at this peaceful protest I felt hope.
I felt unity in diversity, solidarity,
Care for the stranger & the immigrant,
Care for the widow & orphan,
Care for the Muslim,
Care for the non-Christian & non religious,
Care for the poor & the worker,
care for the racial minority, care for the woman,
care for the LGBTQ member,
Care for the inmate.
Care for the person with disability.
I felt inclusion.
I felt Jesus.
Although these spaces don't bring about change in themselves, they start conversations, strengthen convictions and inspire action. I believe there is hope. I always will.
#j20 #buildbridgesnotwalls
#inauguration #London #solidarity #notmypresident

CREATIVE PEOPLE: Now is the best time to really dig into your soul and find your deepest values & dreams. Now is the best time to create. Respond to the darkness with light. Respond to the hate and exclusion with love & inclusion. #j20 #artasresistance

Rich people think they get all the best stuff in life but I think a lot of them miss out on the little things like small local spots; Stuff that no one really knows or cares about. My definition of wealth is: enjoying the small things in life with the people you love.

This is so freaking emotional. #obamafarewell

This press conference is hilarious from the first minute of Donald speaking.

Just wanted to sing this over the situation in your life today. Trust in God. He is good. James 2:13 #mercy #amandacook

"Now, according to the nature of things, documents originate among the powerful ones, the conquerors. History, therefore is nothing but a compilation of the depositions made by assassins with respect to their victims and themselves."
~ Simone Weil | The Need For Roots #simoneweil #OhMyWeils #NoWeil

Rubber band in the shape of a treble clef. All creation declares the glory of God.

Good show. :) onto the next one.

So grateful to have my own guitar again. After losing my guitar at Allegheny station on June 11th last year I didn't have an acoustic guitar of my own. I've realised that holding my own guitar is a sort of place of refuge for me. It's good to have that place back. It's really a dream come true to own a baritone guitar as well. I've wanted one of these since I was 17. Oh and yea, as always, come sign my guitar! #grateful #godisgood

I'm the only person I know with one of these. #baritoneguitar

For me at least, it's those little inner moments, where you feel God loving you, that mean everything to me. #numinous

"Now you're gooooone" best pop-punk moment ever. #tssf

- Andy

Hair is fun.

Memorising recipes for new job.
Best way I know to do that is by making flash cards. #joeandthejuice

- Simone Weil | The Need For Roots. That shit is so real. Simone Weil is such a boss. #bookstagram #simoneweil #theneedforroots

This week has been an incredible testament to this. No this year actually.
#trustandgratitude #attitudematters #PMA

I enjoyed this little book.

Haven't been here in a while. Dang. All the feels.

Didn't know this was a thing.

Super grateful to meet one of my heroes J.Hurley of @hacktivistuk.
@jhurlsworld You & the guys put on a massive show tonight. Heart full. Sore throat and neck from screaming and head banging. Big love.

Somehow ended up with the sacred texts of 3 major religions this week. I think God is trying to speak to me. #numinous

Dang. I have a lot of feelings about this picture.

Sounds beaut. @drawstringemos

Highly recommend students/millennials to read this.. if reading is your thing.
#bookstagram #futurist

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