Eric Dressen

Eric Dressen @ericdressen

@santacruzskateboards @independenttrucks @spitfirewheels @uppercutdeluxe @vansskate @kr3wdenim @hardluckmfg @mobgrip @pro-tec @boysofsummervideo

Boys Of Summer Miami @jeffkutter @boysofsummervideo πŸ“· @javihandz

Had the best time ever skating with all my Hero's @elgatoclassic #santacruzskateboards #protec πŸ“· @rpbess

Rad skating with The Gonz today @elgatoclassic πŸ“· @protec

The Gonz's Rock N Roll Rule's !! @elgatoclassic

Epic day at The El Gato Classic @elgatoclassic ,Thank you so much Eddie !!!! @eddieelguera

Super stoked to be at @elgatoclassic With my teammate and hero @salba69 #santacruzskateboards

#TBT Summer Of 78

My Santa Cruz Team Road Dog @ibeborden Rippin Up The Combi In His New @protec Promo #OGsince73

Pole Jam In Newport Kentucky @santacruzskateboards Mid West Tour 2016 πŸ“· @instapizzle #santacruzskateboards

Thank You @doomsayersclub for the care package !!!

Today I've became a 159 guy ,stepping it up

Thank you @protec for the personalized Gonz art jacket ,super honored to be apart of Pro Tec Helmets !!! #protecskate

Didn't know I was gettin my picture took ,cruzin Venice πŸ“· @tonifrancois #santacruzskateboards

Thanks for the sick package !!! @vansskate 🚚

Happy Birthday @jasonjessee ,sorry about the chunk of royalties you don't get cause I ride so many of your boards ,Hard Luck Por Vida !!! #hardluckmfg #santacruzskateboards

Repost @vansskate from the @geoffrowley Promo Video πŸ“· @aacostaa

Rad to see @tonyhawk last night at the Supreme Xmas PartyπŸŽ„πŸŽ‰ πŸ“· @atibaphoto

Crail Snatcher In Alburquerque πŸ“· @cameronstrand

So rad today watching these two Pool Masters rippin @salba69 @taq93 πŸ“· @ericdressen

Pool Sensei's 🏊 @salba69 @bennettharada @taq93

This spot is so hard to skate huge cracks and burly tranny @twistthewrist just destroyed it ,so rad to be there in person to see him pull it !!! πŸ“Ή @timcisilino

Fuck yeah hangin with the Raddest Dude in the world !!! @mattymatheson

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