Shiny Gem πŸ’Ž

Shiny Gem πŸ’Ž @em_._the_._gem

My name is em and I'm a gemπŸ’πŸ’Žit's that simple and I probably like my crocs more than you #sorrynotsorry #crocgvng

Dis bout to be me if anyone ask how my game went tonight I'll be like "cash me outside howbow dat"

When u realize u gotta read 100 pages before Tuesday

These spot the differences game always get em

Accurate representation of us on game days

Jus me and my girl ready to throw hands with trump

As you can tell I'm on the floor way to much during the game #black #n #blue

Me when a girl from brush told me "to watch where I was going" when I accidentally backed into her I was like "WHO DO U THINK YOU ARE" but actually I just said "no"

So wanna let y'all know I'm planing a funeral for America Bc today it's last day day ur goodbye RIP 1776-2016


Dis was me when the da 9th grade boys basketball walked into our practice today and everyone looked at me Bc Grayson was there #frozen #spooked

Got my hairs cut

Jus me chillin in my natural habitat #wassup

When u get left on open and read left and right but your to perfect to give a crap

Gotta be the funniest thing I've ever seen

If this isn't the ultimate friendship goals idk what is but this is the saddest picture ever Bc I'm gonna miss this 2 when they are gone #dumptrump

Tb to a lit night in chi town in Chicago with my buds

Dis was me last night when the refs made me sit out Bc I hit me head hard and the was a huge bump on it but it's sucked Bc I was having a good game and I had to sit and watch me team play in OT

ITS GAME DAY let's get lit #djkhaled #major #key

80s jams r lyfe #rip #whitneyhouston

Tmre is game day get turnt

So I'm in math rn and I have no clue what's going on and I'm so confused


And dis is my other cat gibby fun fact he's named after the icarly character and gibby likes to pick fights with Ivy and chase birds and and interesting fact ab him is he has an usually long tail

@ all boys

What I do when I'm home alone

Rain drop drop top I'm rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop

Me when I woke up to call from riverside saying that it was a snow day and I was so pissed Bc I wanted to play but guess we gotta beat greaselake on thrusday

This is Ivy and she's fat and loves treats and he favorite hobby is sleeping on my bed sometimes she can be sneaky and spill cups and that's all about Ivy

Just putting it outta there that I'm my own screensaver on my chromebook Bc no one else is good enough #petty #get #on #my #level


Dis my pal Jason and he's the only 6th grader that I tolerate

I'm sorry did I offend you well if I did i don't idgaf

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