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Awesome Mom

Yes!!!! It's official!

Krew loving on Sophi at the Dighton Flowers

Weighted ab crunches. Love these babies 😘

Finally done with my exam!!!! So excited and very nervous!!!!

You know you love your pickup and are dedicated when, the doors are frozen on the Toyota, and you don't wanna get your truck out cause it's nice and clean in the garage so you walk to the gym in puddles and ice lol. Good thing I wore boots and brought shoes to change into. 😝#elipenka_fit #fitnessgirl #motivation #mondaymotivation #bikinishowprep #fitspo #doityourself

Protein with some goodies

It's mind over matter. Do you wanna go to work? No? But you do anyways. It has to become a necessity. A life changing decision everyday.

Baked tilapia at 375 for 20-30 mins depending on how many you make at a time. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, seasoned with Greek seasoning, mrs dash lemon seasoning and steam asparagus. No salts

Stew meat drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, stir fry veggies, steamed sweet potato and carrots

How I start meal prep. And listening to Kaleo.

I'm not worried cause I've got this now!!!! #pizzagod #flavorgod #thankyouman!

BEST F****ING GIFT EVER!!!! ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW!!!! Thank you so much @mrs_hunter_martin #flavorgod #fitnesslove #mealprep #handsdownbestever!!!

New Year New Business! Just for fun! Check it out and to go to my Boutique.

That's why I'm up at 4:30 every morning. The difference is someone who is "consistent" will get results faster, which will last longer and end up with nothing but build up of results. It takes longer to build than to lose. So work your ass off. It will pay off. Make time for it. You have to. If you have time to watch tv then you have time for a workout, if your gonna eat? Eat Whole Foods, if your thirsty? Duh water. It's little consistent changes. Be profound in them! #mondaygrind #fitnessmotivation #girlswhopowerlift #noexcuses #goals #mindsetiseverything #fitnessgirl #strong #loveyourself #thirsty #determination #lifeisgood #elipenka_fit


Best BCAA EVER! love this stuff, if you don't know how important this is. Look up the definition of Protein: then look up BRANCH CHAIN AMINO ACIDS. If you hurt or have muscle soreness after a workout, IT IS NOT because it's "working" or "getting bigger" that ignorant. It's because you are going through muscle tissue damage, your literally burning muscle. This re synthesize the protein that has been used and is needed more intensive training. But the great thing is that BCAA are used for many things in your body, your body already has them. They burn the fastest for energy but for over all health it's great to have. ESPECIALLY during a workout. So there's some knowledge for you! The is the best so far! I get it on Amazon! #lifted #stronger #elipenka_fit #gymlife #friday #alldaymay #workethic #muscles #loveyourself #training #fitgoals

Meal 4 pre workout. And some personal business development!!! Because lots of big opportunities are starting to come my way!!!

You have to want it, for you and only you. That's when you will be able to achieve your goals. Everyone wants instant gratification, wants fast, easy and cheap. Well you get fast, easy and cheap from those things. But I want a full, whole life. I want to feel confidant just as much in being confident. Educated and not have to feel like I need permission to be who I am. So I eat and work and d what I'm suppose to do so I can compete for ME. Not to win. But for me. Because this road I'm on, I don't care what others think I care about my mindset about my goal. So be willing to do the things others won't do. Be Brave. Be confident, research ask questions. Only surround yourself with people who support you, because their a huge influence, trust me. Be good about yourself, believe in yourself. You have to want it and really deeply want it. That's the only way you'll achieve greatness. #eatclean #strong #fitness #lifeisgood #believe #tuesday

Meal 2, the boys and I made little pizzas for them and TJ and because I prepared ahead, all I have to do is heat up my meal! There's no need to cook separate meals everyday. Just pick two days out of the week to prep. I do Sundays and Wednesdays. I only needed to make 12 meals which are smaller than you think. I used shrimp, chicken and steak. Then some steam veggies, rice and sweet potatoes. The ones I didn't have steamed veggies in is because I like biscotti and salad curtain days. It's simple stupid. Just gotta want your goals more than your excuses.

Add me!

Got about 6 more meals to make, but it's not so bad! 🤗

Had two days of enjoying Christmas dinner and treats! But how I feel when I'm eating clean and lots and lots of water is nothing compared. So this is my second love. 😘

My grind music this morning. Die hard comic fan. 😈

Seriously could eat this everyday!!!

Results don't come overnight, it takes hard work, mindset, responsibility and dedication. So be patient, trust me it will start paying off. Then you'll be addicted.

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