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The famed founder of 77th Street, respected entrepreneur and mentor to the youths shares her genuine take on life in general.


Elim's dream cafe...


From all of us @elimchewtv, Blessed Christmas!

New young friends in Cambodia. #wvyfcc #worldvision

All fired up at the World Vision Youth for Change Conference. #wvyfcc #worldvision #waterroam #elimchewtv

Mee pok!!!

God's Nature. #rainbow #rain #shine

Elim and friends love food! Look out for something new in 2017 on @elimchewtv.

Fluffy clouds against a clear blue sky!

Friends of MCCY Award 2016 National Youth Fund.

Thank you for the Ministry of National Development Medallion Award! #MNDMedallion #mnd #volunteer

Elim's children from World Vision.

We do have a photo of how upright Elim sat while speaking to Dr Tim, hehe.

We do have a photo of how upright Elim sat during the interview with Dr Tim, hehe.

An interview not to be missed! Learn from emiment chiropractor Dr Tim Errington of Total Health Chiropractic on how we can live life comfortably amidst stress. 4 November, 7pm on the Changemaker series. #DrTimErrington #TotalHealthChiropractic #nomorepain #changemakers

Happy birthday Auntie!

Catch Wong Toon King next!

Fishing is the moment with nature, the reservoir and the fish. The quiet moment with some joggers saying hello. My time to think and quiet moment to recover from the busy week and getting myself all ready for anothet exciting week on Monday! Always have a great weekend to get yourself up and ready for the coming week.

Belinda, Arthur and Jasmine at Gorogoro!

Happy birthday MidiWorld and BluEnergy.

We are eagerly awaiting referrals! #singaporefood #hawker #hawkerfood

Help us discover new generation hawkers. #singaporefood #hawker #hawkerfood

Share with us your local food haunts!

Meeting an old friend.

Check out the Creative Hub at Far East Pavillion.

Nature's beauty.

With Alex the photographer at the Women of our Time Awards by Singapore Women's Weekly.

Yoyoyo, check this out!

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