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Tons of good stuff coming from this epic trip.

A big bathtub.

It's nice, boys.


Nature in contrast.

Forever a favorite activity. #fire #35mm

Congrats brotha @hiboulder & @shinhouy on your epic wedding & beautiful marriage! #35mm #kodak400tx #jushinphoewa

Tropical lookbackatit. #35mm

The boys at @hippytree are creating opportunities to get out and shoot with a weekly contest for the entire 2017 year. Post a surf & stone related photo with the hashtag #52weeksofnature and follow & tag @hippytree in it! Each winner gets 100 bones to drop on I shot this photo during an epic sunset in Joshua Tree last winter. #hippytreetribe

See ya tomorrow. #35mm

Just pretend that's a good wave #southbay

Filipe leap.

Food. Market. Wines. #35mm

The throne of thrones. #35mm

Pt 2

South Bay strut.

I I II #35mm


🍻 to 2016, with high peaks and low troughs. I'll never forget it, but am very ready for a new f*cking year. #35mm #wtf

Skylight #35mm

Just got a bunch of black and white film developed. Stoked to share the lot with everyone ! This was last night around dusk at Manhattan Pier. #35mm

Scene #35mm

Another little snippet of the Gen project @genasano @vessosurf

Perfect light through Big Bear hills.

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