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On February 1 @hunnytheband & @kids_in_heat are playing in Orange County and @foundationskateboards is premiering our new skateboard movie. Thanks to my friends in the bands for being a part of this and supporting skateboarding. If you don't know these bands, listen to them and support them.
All ages and free, so get there early. I might even get to do an early DJ set. 👽❤️😊

Yeeeeeooow!!! I have picked three people who will receive some cool stuff from @colorxbooks @transworldskate and myself. I'd like to thank every one who took the time to share their thoughts with me. I really enjoyed reading your answers and wish I could send stuff out to every one, but here are the three. @angellalo_91 @officer_miller @loui3_louie I really enjoyed the posts these three shared. Please DM me your address. Thanks again to @colorxbooks and every one for having fun with me. Never stop creating!!!!

Good times goofing off in the parking lot with my brothers today @gantryhill & @garretthill @hotshothandle
Ps announcing the winners for the duffmanjams X @colorxbooks contest tomorrow

Odds & Sods was mad in LA. Thanks to all who came out for the good times. See you next month for another night of hits and dancing. Now it's time to go March with our friends, mothers, sisters, daughters, ect. In 2017 that women, LGBT, and others have to worry about rights, and their freedom to be who they are is fucking whack! Unite and win! I love you all, and equality for all. Go out and support the people you love, and stand with them.

Yo! shred sledding, vinyl lovers, we have a contest for you!
@colorxbooks & @transworldskate have a bitchin giveaway going on. It's really easy and you can win free product, and a record from my collection.
Follow @colorxbooks and write your favourite lp or 45 in the comments section-write something about why you love it. Even better yet, post a photo of your favourite piece of vinyl, tag @coreyduffel @colorxbooks and hashtag it #duffmanjamsgiveaway so I can see it, and pick some winners!
I love skateboarding and I love music. Thanks @colorxbooks @transworldskate and every one who is gonna participate

Back home and Dim Sum'n with the dudes @brendin_666 @brittzerker and Rach

And the public wants what the public gets
But I don't get what this society wants
I'm going underground. Going underground
@goingunderground records shirt made it to London @ethanandaverysmama

The smell of you still on my hands
As I bring the cup up to my lips

Between two beautiful people in London is amazing. Good to see the lovely @stacey.hare at @thegreatfrogldn inside I am smiling 😊

Good times, and I'm gonna miss you Glasgow. @buildafire thanks Neil

My friends @colorxbooks have created a skateboard coloring/activity book for all the kids and other skate nerds out there. @garretthill & @gantryhill are always doing creative and fun projects. Thanks for having @heroinskateboards draw me up for others to really fuck me up

Scotland is amazing, and I'm pretty impressed with this photo I took on me phone haha. Thanks @buildafire

Good to be back in Glasgow

Hoping to do a lot more ollies in 2017. Getting nineties with @iajujnat for @deviumusa

This is surreal to be standing in front of strawberry studios and having Andy Couzens @andicuzz take the photo of us in front. He recorded Stone Roses songs here in 85 with the legendary Martin Hannett, including one of my all time favorites. "So Young" Garage Flowers stuff is amazing, and to be in Manchester with an original member and part of the scene is insane. To stand where some of the greatest and most influential songs were recorded is brilliant!!!

Andy couldn't be seen standing here but thanks for taking us. Couzens tours of Manchester now operating.

Sight seeing in Manchester with @jacksoncouzens & @andicuzz @inshreds

With love xoxo from Rachel, Wrecks and myself. Happy Holidays you filthy animals.
@adhdwonder photo

I love you grandma

Skateboard rant from an older not wiser dude in a thrasher web article. I was asked to say a few words about how I feel about skateboarding taking place as an "Olympic sport" in 2020. For any one that knows me, you know I am a sarcastic cocksucker, and others might not understand me. I like that they don't understand me, it's why I love skateboarding. Ps if you want to argue you will not win, like skateboarding, opinions are different and not a sport. Here is my response
Who doesn't want skateboarding safe, lots of rules and to be judged. Who cares about style, individuality, creativity and having fun, when there are uniforms to be worn and we can call it a household sport that has no grit or rawness left on the court. To train to be number one with out loitering with friends behind stores, or with out breaking the law. Sounds like we can all dream of being called an athlete now and call skateboarding a "sport". I hate being called names for riding my skateboard by others that will never understand it. I've always wanted to fit in and abide by rules. Just think of how great this is! The general public also might finally realize how amazing our underground community is, and they might even make some money off it. Hopefully no old ladies or cops will ever yell at us again for slashing down the sidewalk, because I've never understood why skateboarding is a crime. Competing against other countries and battling your friends for the gold is brilliant. I've always dreamed of standing on the podium and waving the flag and chanting USA, USA. Skate and destroy is so yesterday, today I just want to be safe and follow the rules like the sports I wanted to get away from when I first rode a shred sled.
However, who ever is in charge of judging the skateboard Olympics, I'd love to get on the board and be a part of it. Please hit me up because I think it'll be a lot of fun to visit Japan and watch the other sports. I am serious though, id love to be a judge

I stay petrified, dreaming of you.
@themareustoo @dog_chair Eudaemonia
Listening to "Remain" on a cold Wednesday morning with Rachel. Listen to this album and enjoy it with friends. It's amazing and will make your eyes well up

These dudes are gonna be some people's new favourite skaters after the new @foundationskateboards Oddity video comes out in February. Aidan, Cole and Corey Glick are savages and rule. See you dudes soon.

Rocking the Tarpaulin shirt for @deviumusa
There are some new, rad American made stitches at
@deviumusa #Americanmade #DEVIUMUSA

Cruising around with @iriemonn & @tanner_koutz

@broken_homme boots are hand crafted in America! If you like quality product made in your backyard and like to support friends who also believe in America. Check out @broken_homme and buy a pair of boots that will make you happy. I've been wearing my pair for over three years and I love them. They also have a Kickstarter going on to move their factory to DTLA. I'm proud to wear these boots and I love knowing they are made by in America.

Cash was a beautiful, inspiring and an amazing human being. It hurts knowing she is gone and we won't see her playing music and making us laugh any more.
My heart and strength goes out to all friends and families of loved ones who died in the fire. #CashAskew

Jason Adams @kidadams made teenage me an art piece. Some one should buy me for Christmas and hang above your mantle or use as a dart board. Thanks Kid! These are bitching

I've made a new playlist on Spotify in memory of the Crashdog. I dedicate this melody, to you.
@Deviumusa on Spotify and also under duffmanjams
Curated by Corey Duffel on behalf of his fallen sidekick, our latest Deviant Directions is dedicated to the Duffman’s late, great companion, Crash Dog. #crashdogforever #concretethread #longlivecrashdog for Devium USA

Every year I put my money on @berlehaggard for SOTY. He is in my top three favourite skateboarders of all time, and I have never skated with any one more naturally talented than him. I've known this since he was thirteen years old.
On another note, I have a new playlist of duffmanjams on Spotify

Six months ago yesterday, Rachel @inshreds I said goodbye to our best friend, and not a moment goes by that I don't think he's still here with us. Crashdog was loved by many of you as well. @deviumusa and I have collaborated to celebrate his life with a really neat shirt that is now available-the link is in my bio. The proceeds from the shirt go to help out the Lake Tahoe Wolf foundation. Crashdog was a wolf hybrid himself, and so was our other dog, Saki. That being said we love these creatures and know the troubled reputation they can have with society, so we are very happy to help out other wolf dogs in need. Many of you know that Cradhdoggy suffered from a neurological disease called DM and was paralyzed for over a year. After an uphill battle with no cure, we laid him to rest on this earth so he could go run with the others in the cosmos. Thanks for watching and please support a great cause and enjoy the awesome shirt. Thanks @deviumusa #crashdogforever

@hozacrecords reissue of New Zealand's consequential cult classic by The Terminals, sounds amazing!! Uncoffined is a must in any record collection. With it being small shop Saturday or whatever the heck, go to @hozacrecords and support! Buy from those who continuously help the artists that are out there creating, playing live and
chasing their dreams. Spotify is cool and all, but if you like it, buy it! Own it and show it off to friends! Play it loud through speakers and on a turntable. Music was not mixed to be heard through computer speakers, and it sounds terrible on YouTube. @hozacrecords reissues some gems, but also releases a lot of brilliant indie bands. Thanks Todd and keep on killing it!! Ps owned and operated by a skateboarder!
I'd like to give a high five to all my friends who run labels and stores please support them. @goingunderground @hoseheadrecords @etruscangoldrecords

Fifteen years old and outta my mind. Punk rock, pissing people off, going against the grain, being utterly annoying and skateboarding. Crazy for me to think I am younger in age here than how long ago this photo was taken. Even more wild to think, present me probably would want to kick this dudes ass now for being a disrespectful maniac.
Nearly seventeen years later i am still obsessed with punk rock and skateboarding, but my state of mind has changed a lot hahah. Thankful for growth in my life and meeting wonderful people who have inspired me and taught me some amazing outlooks and philosophies. Especially my wife Rachel. As a teenager I thought punk was just an attitude of destruction, not following rules and saying "piss off" to anyone different. Turns out that's just being a dickhead. Haha As I grew I realized punk is so much more than only chaos, but understanding, accepting, being yourself and using your mind and hands to build and create. Going against the grain obviously, but not only destroying and looking for action. @burnout glad you were here for this photo. I think you're the one that told me to put on the seat moments after it just destroyed the homie Dustin

I have made another playlist of #duffmanjams on my Spotify account to get you inspired in the middle of week. Well, these songs are a bit more dark and mellow, but who doesn't love a depressing pop song on a gray and wet morning. You can find it by searching for "DUFFMANJAMS" on Spotify.
If you like these songs, go to your local record store and buy the records. Support the band and support live music.

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