Connor Chapman

Connor Chapman @connorschapman


At least our Basketball team is good...

One of the best birthday presents ever.

Spotted a DeLoreon in the suburbs.

When Papi hits a 2 run blast to win the game

My dad's about to cry out of happiness.

The tigers are very eccentric.

This is where the Red Wings are gonna play soon


TFW the organ player at a Reds game plays the Friends theme.

Evo was a blast to watch this year, even if it was only on Twitch. It's nice to see that ESPN picked it up finally. Can't wait for next year.


It's hot as balls in Lewisburg for some reason.

Wolves are basically just big dogs.


Even wearing Boston socks. Glad we won. Was nice to see Papi hit one deep.

Let's go Bawwwston

Edgar Allan Poe's grave. This man is a legend, and probably the only great thing from Baltimore.

There's a lot of boats here.

The lovely view from my hotel room in Baltimore.

When Kelly pitches against the Jays

The face of a winner.

TFW your friend is 2nd best in the world at a video game

I'm proud of my box.

I'm dying man


Pls happen


This was sick to see



Bringing it back

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