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Coming soon to #cnnstyle: on the next episode of our Style Show, @lennykravitz tells us about his passion for photography. Here he is mid-shoot on an abandoned school bus in the Bahamas. (📷: @liannemichelle)

China is raising the stakes in the race for the 'tallest' man-made structures. This is a rendering of the Wuhan Greenland Center in Wuhan, China. It will be 636 meters tall and is dated for completion in 2018.

What's supermodel @kendalljenner's secret obsession? "Some people get addicted to tattoos, I'm addicted to cars." See the full episode on 🚗

This is a 72,441 sq ft mansion in Suzhou, China. It smashed records in July last year, claiming the title of most expensive home ever sold in China at $154 million. It has 32 bedrooms, a lake-side swimming pool, a wine cellar and several courtyards and gardens. (@thespacesmag)

As US President Barack Obama takes the stage in Chicago for his farewell speech, take a look back at some of his most unguarded moments, captured through the lens of official White House photographer, Pete Souza.

A model during the Tourne de Transmission presentation at London Fashion Week Men's. (Tim P. Whitby / Stringer)

Models backstage ahead of the What We Wear show, at London Fashion Week Men's. (Tristan Fewings / Stringer)

Designs on display at the Chester Barrie presentation at London Fashion Week Men's. (Tristan Fewings / Stringer)

He's Britain's most famous male model, but for @davidgandy_official, few things are as beautiful as a well-crafted luxury car. Find out more about Gandy's autos romance on

Matthew Simmonds is a stonemason who carves intricate designs into tiny pieces of stone. His work is inspired by the architectural trends of different cultures throughout history. His work is currently on display at the Islamic Arts Festival in Sharjah, The United Arab Emirates.

It's @kendalljenner's secret addiction and @patrickdempsey's first true love -- find out more about this celebrity obsession on #cnnstyle.

This is Asia's new carbon-eating tower, the Tao Zhou Yin Yuan in Taiwan. The 21-story apartment complex -- which is dated for completion in September this year -- will be covered in 23,000 trees and shrubs.

A lot can happen in a year, especially in the ever-evolving world of architecture. With a full lineup of ambitious designs on the horizon, 2017 seems promising. Bjarke Ingels Group’s one-of-a-kind building in Denmark pays homage to the famous children's blocks @lego, featuring interlocking modules and tiered terraces. When finished, the house aims to be an experiential community center where visitors can enjoy a cafe, playgrounds, a public square, and of course, a LEGO store.

It might take a while to hit the road, but look forward to this exciting concept of the future. One of the most talked-about motorcycles of 2016 was @BMW’s Motorrad VISION NEXT 100, which employs self-balancing technology to prevent crashes and enables the rider to dismount without using a kickstand. The triangular frame is flexible and bends as the bike is maneuvered, meaning traditional joints are no longer needed.

Ever seen a house built into a cliff? Architect Laertis Vassiliou's incredible design juts out of a rock nearly a mile above sea level, so high you’ll be able to see clouds forming right outside its windows. The project will be finished in 2018 outside Beirut, Lebanon.

As legendary director Wong Kar Wai’s former set photographer, Hong Kong artist @wingshya is known for his raw, smoky images from the golden era of Hong Kong cinema. His models' faces are washed in nostalgic color, obscured by shadow, often wearing expressions of longing or hidden sentiment. In one classic image, actress Shu Qi rides backwards atop a chromed motorcycle piloted through Hong Kong by a cigarette-toting Daniel Wu, their hair whipping in the wind, a cross-processed fantasy of youthful anomie.

French photographer @raphael_olivier documented China’s largest ghost city Kangbashi (New Ordos) and its partially complete architectural marvels in his collection of images entitled “A Failed Utopia.” In the early 2000s, Chinese government officials invested over $1 billion into the development of the city; today it’s home to a fraction of its projected population.

British pop star George Michael has died. The musician, who shot to fame with the 1980s duo Wham!, was 53 years old.

A new project by Israeli artist @EyalGever called ‘#Laugh’ invites people to download an app that generates a unique "star," or digital 3D sculpture, based on the sound of their own recorded laughter. Next year, the winning laugh, chosen by the public, will be printed aboard the International Space Station.

Sad news today as legendary Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani has passed away, age 66. An influential force in fashion, she helmed the title for 28 years. (Image: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

Korean artist @Jee_young_Lee uses her dreams, memories, and emotions as inspiration to build fantasy worlds in her ongoing self-portrait series “Stage of Mind.” And she does it all without Photoshop. It took Lee three months to create this magical nocturnal landscape using craft wire.

22-year-old photographer @NicolasBruno suffers from sleep paralysis — a condition that conjures up vivid, macabre hallucinations as he sleeps. A demonic, faceless silhouette floats above him, and ghostly hands are choking him, but he can’t move a single muscle.
Bruno uses his nightmares as artistic inspiration and he creates dark images laden with dream symbolism to combat his condition.

Sometimes it can take days, even weeks, for iconic artist Zeng Fanzhi to mentally prepare before creating an artwork. “I need to adjust my mind” he says, “only after that can I become imaginative.” #cnnmastersatwork

@jasperjamesphotography “This image was from a shoot I did in Ladakh, India with the 17,000 FT Group -- a charity organization that builds playgrounds and libraries in remote villages. The great thing about my job is I get to visit some amazing locations that I would likely never get to see otherwise."

@jasperjamesphotography “The Artist Ai Wei Wei had an exhibition opening in Alcatraz in the U.S., which he was not able to attend due to Chinese government restrictions put on him at the time. So we brought Alcatraz to him in this image."

@jasperjamesphotography “This is a typical wedding outfit worn by a young Miao woman, and is from the same shoot in Guizhou Province”

@jasperjamesphotography “This image is a from a shoot done in Guizhou Province, China. We travelled around for three days finding Miao Minority people that were willing to be part of our shoot, which highlights the Miao's rich and colourful culture. The shoot was part of a program that was for funding young apprentices, and was to be taken on in various villages, in hopes that the Miao’s cultural heritage will not be lost to the young going off to look for jobs in the cities."

@jasperjamesphotography “A Shaolin Monk practicing martial arts in Sanya, China. He had been practicing since he was a young boy and was amazing to watch. When we come across him I felt it was the perfect time of day for natural light, and his orange robe looked great with his green and blue surroundings."

@jasperjamesphotography “This is a shot from my archive that I recently unearthed from an old hard drive. This is a young Jude Law shot for a Time Out cover shoot in 1999 in London."

@jasperjamesphotography “This is one of the first City Silhouette images I made. I love shooting for this series in Tokyo, as the city is just so amazing when viewed from up high. I never get bored of a Tokyo sunset.”

@jasperjamesphotography “This image was shot for the City Silhouette series, and was taken in Tokyo. I love the elegance of her neck and profile in this shot.”

Today, @jasperjamesphotography takes over the CNN Style Instagram account. Jasper currently works in Beijing and Shanghai, and his City Silhouettes series layers city skylines over intimate portraits. “This is from a recent shoot I did for my City Silhouettes series in Bangkok. I shot on a rooftop with a Spanish performer called Oihana Garde, who happens to live in Bangkok.”

A hole isn't always empty. Removing a portion of a structure creates an entryway for light, alters the experience of those inside, and influences how a building fits into its surroundings. The Axel Springer headquarters in Berlin, Germany has a pixelated opening in the middle. According to the architects, "the building emerges as a symbol of transparency and historic awareness."

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