Cherry park

Cherry park @cherry__park

2074 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803

Tomorrow at 11 @nikesb #58tour

@trucks_pinched bs tailslide photo by @krisnugget



Nbd at 🍒 ?!


Some manual trickery by @bandana_b 👋👋👊

@lilfucky nailing it as usual 🙌🏻🙌🏻 @leskateboards @happyhourshades

@lennartpelzer giving a quick lil tour around the park. 🍒🍒

Old times wer definitely the best times 🍒@dwrexx & @boojohnson #skatelife #cherrypark

When you reminiscing on the old cherry days at 1:37 in the morning 😓🍒 @butters_lbc 🎥: @sleepyleaf #olddaze #cherrypark





Weak af

@slinkycee 2 piece 🌀🍒 repost from @deathlens #cherrypark #deathlens

Rip 🍒💔 new one July 10th ✊ !

@whatuptho_ gettin some 🍒 ! 🎥: @ishcepeda #cherrypark

Willy king 👑🍒 @phillip_mena #cherrypark

#repost @davecadario sick line 👍🍒🍒 🎥: @thegreatbugsby #cherrypark

@frankieheck also got a lil lap in 🍒

@carstenboyer quick line around the local 🍒 🎥: @frankieheck

#tbt @_julian_davidson makes it look so easy with special guest @tweedyhammercity 🍒 film cred: @sk8camkilla

@bradcromer flick hurricane 🌀🌀🌀

@mikhailb_ Cherry Daze 🌀✌🍒

@codymcentire morning inspiration 🙌🍒 filmed by: @darnshane #cherrypark

@colewilson___ this was sick ! 🎥: @joeyragali 🍒 #cherrydaze

@butters_lbc & @dennisdurant Killin it as always 🍒🍒🍒 #cherrypark 🎥: @musicbiin

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