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sea of bags #cityjapantour

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i filmed this off of my i pad yesterday with the intentions of posting it today. well, its now today. my stomach hurts. i think its safe to say that dylan has inspired each and every one of us in one way or another. so much grace and power. dylan is the reason i got on rasa libre, and then soon after krooked. i could go on and on about how much he has impacted skateboarding and everyone around him, but it hurts. it hurts to read these words as i type. 28 is too young. rest in peace dylan.


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kickflip late 180's and a fakie flip attempt at MACBA filmed by @fulton7 . was saving these but they are insta 🗑 now:/

soaked in bleach

heart eyez

@pangggggg crawled back to california from the vegas strip. he back

unfinished flamingo made from steel wire, masking tape, tin foil, newspaper, wheat paste, & acrylic. few more coats, some eyes, and a gloss finish. very fun but tedious and time consuming.


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