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Thank the good Lord for this sunshine 🙌🏽 ❄️🚫

One more day in the work week feels. #tbt

Style.. western meets Spanish Renaissance

Recess 👑

Cold weather really dampens my creative spirits. So here's another pic from a super fun shoot in the dunes 📷: @robynabt

My closet is about 70% menswear #zaramen

Christmas is over, so I'm over this cold 🙅🏼 📷: @robynabt

Thinkin bout 🍔🍔🍔

Here's to 2017 🍾

Back in #YYC after a holiday away in #NelsonBC ❄️ #uoaroundyou

Rebooting after all those Christmas treats. Taking a break from the beer 🍻 and feeling fresh after my juice cleanse , provided by @better.fresh // I struggle with digestion and stomach issues, as many of you know, so I definitely needed this in between holidays!

(2nd) Home for the holidays. #HumeHotel #NelsonBC

Christmas morning. Thankful for those around me, and sending love to my family in Alaska. Every day is a gift, ya'll. #uoaroundyou

Beautiful British Columbia. A night spent with family, sledding and campfires. ❄️

On the road to BC for the holidays. #canadianfam #uoonyou #uogifted

Ohhh #Alaska 🌌

A true candid moment. Caught unawares in my velvet granny panties. #instagramreal #uoonyou#uohome#uoaroundyou @urbanoutfitters @uocalgary #UOgifted

It's too damn cold. No more photos outside unless I'm wearing a parka. @urbanoutfitters #uoonyou


Have I mentioned how homesick I am? 🙄 @urbanoutfitters #uocalgary#uoonyou

Right out of a Christmas movie #uoaroundyou

Here's some sparkle for the Holidays. Mind you, a much preferable climate situation 📷 @robynabt #tatooine

Christmas feels and missing the homeland #hatcherspass#alaska#akgrown

Had my name stitched on this jacket. It's close enough to Bailey #ohcaptainmycaptain #uoonyou

This below-zero-weather has me reminiscing about every warm get-a-way I've had the past couple years. Throwing it back to Dallas Texas, and hanging with some awesome people, in the coolest spot ever (in my favourite jumpsuit of all time) 📷: @joelallegretto / @alextrasi

I WONT be home for Christmas 😒 ... boy do I ever miss this set up. #alaska#homestead

If you don't have string lights in your photos these days, are they even cool?? 🙄 @urbanoutfitters #uoonyou#uohome

Textures of the season, with @urbanoutfitters #uoonyou

Jesse likes the jacket that "looks like his grandmas couch". Oddly enough

Head on over to the Free People Blog and check out the "Weekend Do" I wrote on Lake Louise. Thanks to @amorlock 🙌🏽 #alaskansunite

You know you've fully reached adulthood when fashion recirculates. #90slife #hairplay #uoonyou#uoaroundyou

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