BABY SOULJA @babysoulja1

new song SANDMAN link below.........But For booking

Love it




Duval.. I'm at holleys like rn

Live by it die by it

Baby Soulja feat my luh nigga @julio_foolio.. Video shoot this weekend duval

Just tryna beat da odds

She make me smile

Pack just came in @strongarmprince

Shout out Flo Rida

@bigtrabcutz keep me right

I dropped out of school fa dis

My nigga new shit goin @montana_fat

@Djkhaled say I be speakin dat shit Ainna

Ima make sure that we get used to this

Momma I been told you I had us.. Trussss


Just the Otha day my lil cousin called me from school and say YOU DESERVE IT SOULJA

Freezy said the grind don't stop @strongarmprince

What city or county play this song the most??

Get yo ass up here in the front since you want some attention lol lol... I'm just playin....jit reminded me of me....Dandy middle school .... I love y'all


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