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Beautiful family who will soon have a new little addition! πŸ€—

THIS. these women are GETTING IT. "When you get your pictures taken with absolutely no make-up to show that you are beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, so you smile and laugh because there are so many other things in life to be worried about than your looks. Embrace your uniqueness ladies. It is what makes you YOU! No one is falling in love with your contour or highlights, they are falling in love with your smile and laugh. There is no one else who looks like you so live your life to the fullest and love BIG! Positivity is addicting. ❀❀" #ACPmeProject

February 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th are the next photoshoot dates for my "Me" project. If you would like to participate, email me, and please share this with your friends! I am especially looking to find women to include who may not feel like they are the "norm" of beauty. I want to prove that every woman is allowed to feel beautiful, no matter her age, skin color, body shape, beliefs, or anything else that sets you apart from your neighbor! #ACPmeProject

We are resilient. We have passion. We will fight.
I'm with the #womensmarch in spirit; I planned my birthday party for today πŸŽ‰ #ACPmeProject

This beautiful woman had her baby today!!! Congratulations @okelly_girl I am so excited for you. πŸ’•

It's not the words said to or about you that hurt the most. No, the negative words you repeat to yourself over and over again to make them seem true are the ones that do the most damage. Practice self love this year. #ACPmeProject

Model call! (You don't actually have to be a real model!)
Searching for a female 21+ to model for a bridal boudoir session on the 27th 1-4. Complimentary session with hair and makeup but must allow images to be used for marketing, and the option to purchase prints is of course available. Must also have bridal-ish lingerie or willing to purchase for the session. πŸ€— email me ASAP!

The courage it takes to sit in front of me with my camera never goes unappreciated. I am still continuing a search for more women to participate in my project, talking about struggle and self love, and finding beauty in our every-day. #ACPmeProject

Hump day is over! πŸŽ‰
@jenamckenzie_ styled by @_nikkicloud_ for @fppacificnw @freepeople

My birthday wasn't anything spectacular but it was filled with lots of love ☺felt the good vibes, thank you all!

πŸŽ‚πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽΆ to me! I am now 25, and though I don't feel all that different now, I am excited for the changes this year will bring. And, let's face it, also a little nervous. Change is scary and becoming an adult is really hard.

When those in-between moments tell their own story. @erinngreer #ACPmeProject

There is nothing as satisfying as cutting my own perfect 4x6 images of beautiful women such as @gypsynspice πŸ€— #printyourphotos #ACPmeProject

Look at this woman. Major heart eyes for her images.

With someone as bubbly as @jaemeek it's always exciting for me to nail the posing of that "model stare". Work it! #πŸ‘©πŸ»

It is so interesting to capture how differently everyone holds themselves. It tells a story on its own. #ACPmeProject

I got a new paper cutter and it makes me so happy. Finding all the excuses to use it. #ACPmeProject

Closer and closer until these two pups won't be the only attention hogs in their cute family!

I've been sitting at a desk since 8:30 and would rather relive this day with @jenamckenzie_ and @_nikkicloud_ πŸ€— @freepeople @fppacificnw

Why do Monday mornings make it a challenge to get out of bed? Need to plan more adventures, sounds like.

So effortless in these raw images. I just don't have a favorite. Thank you @erinngreer for joining me on this adventure. #ACPmeProject

Although this dress isn't complete, I'm already dreaming about where to take it for its debut photo session. Any suggestions?

Now booking for boudoir sessions! Ignore those excuses you have and let me create beautiful portraits of you. πŸ’• #existinphotos #printyourphotos

Leaping into the new year.
Model @jenamckenzie_
Styling @_nikkicloud_
@freepeople @fppacificnw

@jenamckenzie_ rocked it today. My fingers were numb but her everything was froze. πŸ™Œ also a huge thanks to @_nikkicloud_ who also braved the cold and styled another successful shoot.
@fppacificnw @freepeople

@_nikkicloud_ had a feeling the sunset would a pretty one. I believe she was correct. 😻

Two of the most satisfying parts of creating photographs: enjoying my client's reactions at the reveal wall, and watching my images come out of the printer. πŸ’• #ACPmeProject

3 years ago I created a video of her wedding day. So much has happened since then and I cannot wait for my beautiful friend to meet her baby boy!

Bring it on 2017, I have this man by my side. We will be making our lives and relationship better and are excited for change.

No makeup, no hair styling, just a simple true reflection of who she is. These sessions are making me so incredibly happy. Here's to celebrating each woman's uniqueness and beauty in 2017. @jennychomp #ACPmeProject

We "hailed" in the new year with a wonderful firework show and surprise hail storm. I'll take it as a cleansing. Ready for a fresh start!
#newyear2017 #spaceneedle #fireworks #fireworksboomerang #boomerang #seattlelife #seattlecenter #igers_seattle

Meet @kerryelena, my friend who very much dislikes wearing baseball hats facing forward.
@freepeople @fppacificnw @_nikkicloud_

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