Brandon Alton

Brandon Alton @altonphoto

D.O.B. 11.28.89
Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦

Thanks @nbnumeric for the fresh kicks! 🙏🙏🙏

@boojohnson Kickflip Los Angeles CA 2016 From his "Life and Times" part on @thrashermag #dgkallday #thrasher

@boojohnson Always with the 🔊🔊🔊 #weedmaps @wmsk8

Successful Day In The Streets With @kevinromar

Sorry for getting in the way today @mark_appleyard 😜 #skateboarding #photographeralwaysintheway

@boojohnson Gap Fs Crook Fullerton CA 2016 From his Life & Times part on @thrashermag #dgkallday #thrasher

Super stoked on the homie Quel's new part in @dgk 'Saved' video on @transworldskate Go check it out! @quel615 Tre Flip Pasadena CA 2016 #dgkallday

@rickychavezz Bs Tail Long Beach CA 2016. Go to watch Ricky's part and the rest of the @dgk fam in the new #dgksaved video now playing on @transworldskate #dgkallday

@tjrogers Switch Ollie San Dimas CA 2016 Published in the January Issue of @transworldskate for @blindskate #skateboarding

@boojohnson Smith Grind Fullerton CA 2015 from his Life and Times part now playing on @thrashermag #dgkallday #JustHaveFun #thrasher

@dane_vaughn Nollie Inward Heel Venice CA 2016 printed in the latest @transworldskate #dgkallday

Regardless of a little friendly fire

All smiles today in the streets with @nicktucker #skateboarding

@quel615 Long Beach CA 2015

@ryandecenzo blasting a Fs Flip over @josh_gomez the other day at Hollywood High. #skateboarding

Happy Birthday! @nicktucker Good times last night! 🍻 🍻🍻
📸 @blakejohnstonfilms

Squad photo from a very memorable day. Thanks @frickimsorry & @ryandecenzo for blessing me with the privilege to document it 🙏🙏🙏

Warm up grind of @frickimsorry from today. #skateboarding

@dylanwitkin Bs Tail Tucson AZ 2015 #skatebording

@unclegabes when you coming back down for a 211? 🍻 #whatchuknowaboutthat #probablynothing

Not sure what intrigued me to shoot this Manny of @jamesespinozaa because generally speaking it wouldn't make a compelling skate photo being a butt shot manny but when I got the film back I was surprised to see this perfectly placed light leak right over James. Funny how those happy accidents happen sometimes. #skatebording

@chrisbrunner Hurricane San Juan Capistrano CA 2016 #skatebording #partcomingsoon

Happy Birthday to the homie! @khulengubane

@tjrogers Switch B/S Tail from today. #skatebording

@ryandecenzo fixing up some cracks yesterday before throwing down 🔨🔨🔨's

Pier 7 San Francisco CA 2016

@skateboardjakes Switch Bs Heel Fs Crooks Anaheim CA 2012 #sequencesunday #skatebording

@dwrexx Switch Variel Heel Los Angeles CA 2014 #dgkallday #skatebording

@carlosiqui Switch Fs Flip Malibu CA 2014 #skatebording

Switched up the flow and picked up the video camera to do a #damnedit with the homies @tjrogers @josh_gomez for @blindskate @ridechannel

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