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Now let's see what happens. #winvicisony

I want a brand new whip skr skr I want a brand new house I want a foreign lil ***** (sorry, this was stuck in my head)

Let's take a ride, listen to music and sing along.

She's sweet like a Georgia peach. ✨

the pixies - where is my mind?

Take a walk on the wild side. 👣

Don't listen to what people say, watch what they do 🔮

Coachella 2017, who's going? 🖤 #sm2017mu

Be you and don't change. #igot99problemsbut2k16aintone

Let's get lost.

Take a second to thank those that helped put you where you are now. From me to all of you, thank you 💛 #igot99problemsbut2k16aintone

bon iver - roslyn 🌾🇺🇸

Peachy ⛱ @sydneyrose_vv

I appreciate each and everyone of you. 💛

I'm visiting Grace in Seattle sometime in 2017. Who wants to come? 💛 #snowandl0tsabraids

No road is long with some good company. 🌲🗺 #snowandl0tsabraids

Can't you find a clue. 👣
••••••• Shot for @thoughtcatalog

There is still another world along the tracks. 🌎🌛
Shot for @thoughtcatalog #winvicicanvas

With the wild wolves around you. 👣Shot for @thoughtcatalog

Incredibly thankful for 5k of you! On the road to more, here's a banger! ✨🌊

I present the girl in the yellow jacket.. again. 🍂😜 #snowandl0tsabraids

currently planning adventures. who else's loves to travel?! 🗺 #snowandl0tsabraids

If you ever get the chance to travel please take it! 🏔🌲🚗🛩 #winvicicanvas

got them post road trip feels.. 😭 I miss running through the city with the crew! #winvicisony

I'll be your reason, make you fall slow. 🍂 #snowandl0tsabraids

out here making waves with the best! 🌊

One of my favorite shots 🍂✨ •••• #snowandl0tsabraids


won't fade away ✨🍂

dark moody places are my type.. 🔮

fall vibes 🎃🌿✨ #snowandl0tsabraids

eventually you’ll end up where you need to be and doing what you should be doing. 🌿🌞

If you are down for random trips & late night adventures then we can be friends.

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