Alex Abaunza

Alex Abaunza @alex.abaunza


been shooting so much recently✨

let's keep it going, let's shoot in la this week and new york next week. tag some friends



back in la for a few days then heading back to New York. let's shoot

good girls go to heaven
bad girls go to vegas 😀

japan you have my ❀️ met so many wonderful people and experienced a lot of new things. favorite place I've ever been to. glad I got to spend this vacation with my bro @andrewluce until next time... back to LA ✌🏻️

have you ever been to a restaurant that had pyro, acting, loud music, and lasers? literally only in Japan✌🏻️

@yellowclaw yesterday
heading back to LA on Wednesday then Vegas on Friday

baby you're owl I need

met up with @yellowclaw today πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ always good catching up

hello old friend

happy birthday to my good friend @andrewluce - glad we get to spend a couple days in Tokyo together

woke up at 3 and have been shooting for the last couple of hours.. morning commute

harajuku #tokyo
selling prints soon of all my photos - hit me up if you want one

travel for work is fun but a vacation cannot be beat

not a bad way to wake up

@bigsean at @thechainsmokers show - with a lurking @rorykramer

starting 2017 right
omw 2 tokyo with @andrewluce πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

happy birthday @drewtaggart 🀘🏻flight in the AM to Tokyo πŸ’§

happy new year's eve everyone
have fun, start the year off right, and don't drive drunk/don't be a dumbass

my good buds @thechainsmokers killed it last night... 22,000 people

look at that smile

Best and craziest week of my life... S/O to everyone who made it very special πŸ“·: @nattografi


made it to la

heading to san diego on thursday 😀


we tore up sf - two sold out shows in sf, vancouver, and edmonton for this weekend

this side πŸ“·: @justinamoafo

taking a break from everything.

if you need me you'll know where to find me πŸ’§

when goosebumps starts playing πŸ“·: @simplyyyg

@garrett.stevenson broke his guitar. trash talk show in brooklyn

we in the crowd

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