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Buff dudes being buff , right @smokeeyes !
Video = @buckyGonzalez

Our next show is at Federal bar in Long Beach on the 29th with a good friend & Travesura alumnus.

Limited @trumanusa X @emerica slippers . 1 of 1

Watch me laying down, slam, skate by a woman in slow motion & laugh at people falling down in my newest @berrics @push part.

Tonight @harvardandstone in LA !! We go on at 11 !!! We're playing with @professorcolombo & @creatureschoir !!

Thank you @mellowgrassband !!!!

Tonight in Santa Barbara ! Info & location all on post

@emerica X @trumanusa have the best set up at stupid ass agenda!! You can get your initials stamped on a full grain leather key chain!! Thank you @trumanusa !!

It's show time this Friday !!! All the info on the flyer & location is geo-tagged ! Thanks again @mellowgrassband

Custom @emerica shirt

An even older backside lip
Photo = @cronanphoto

@memoryscreen thanks for the reminder 😘 . @emerica you're my favorite

Which one is a bootleg ?

Pretty much @e_graham

@oldirtyboosh would like you to know our next shows will be in Santa Barbara on January 6th & in Long Beach on January 29th

Thanks @victor_calvo_photo 😘👍🏻🎸

If you have any information about this be a honorable human & send it to
Girltearsgirltears@gmail.com !! Or DM @girltears_ , @kamandresen


This is coming next year . Our first LP is live

Really excited about this !! Thanks @trumanusa @emerica

Thanks to all my friends, family, sponsors & all the skaterboarders out there for all your birthday love & warmth . Thank you all very much for your constant support !! To many to tag so just know I'm talking to all of you! Love you 😘

Photo = @kynantait

I didn't nail it. Sorry @jaimeowens .
Video = @jaimeowens

@the__provider I wish you still dressed like this

Thanks for inviting us to your 3rd birthday party @boozebros & cheers to many more 🍻🍻!! P.S @alalalalalalalalalalalalal won last night . Thanks to everyone who came out to party . Thanks @randysrandall & @princeonion for join us last night . @daaanbo you're a way better DJ the @alalalalalalalalalalalalal .
This Masterpiece was edited by the multi talented & very smart @e_graham

Tomorrow we play the @boozebros 3 year anniversary party with @wishandthewell !! We go on at 5:30 , it's free & all ages !! We've got some special guest in the band for this show. Congratulations @boozebros & thanks for let's us share you're 3rd birthday with you👍🏻👍🏻😘😘 .

@berrics just posted the first episode of my @push series . In this episode you can see me trying to get as buff as @dakota_servold to some really dramatic, sad music to drive the point home that need to get back on top. Starting @drdavidsales , @smorones , @notyourdad69 , @e_graham , @teeeege , @daniellutheran AND @bryanbetz !!! Will I reach the top? You'll just have to wait & see .

While the bros are out of town, I thought it would be fun to switch shit up. Special guest drummer & lead guitar for our show next Saturday @boozebros ! Thanks again @princeonion @randysrandall !!


More new stuff coming!!!!! @emerica X @trumanusa !!

@emerica & I have got something new coming out .

Photo = @kyleseidler

Check out my Korean brother's site @dailygrindkr , I've got an interview on it. Thanks @sluggg @jinyob @nakshot !!

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